Fandom of the Month is an easy inspired box of small homemade jewelryesque pieces that are all linked to a specific "fandom."  For those of you new to this word its a following to a book, tv or movie series.  This month it was based on Super Mario Brothers!! I have to say this was a great theme because it brought me back to middle and elementary school hours playing with the Nintendo.

Each Fandom of the Month box comes with this cute little tote bag.  I loved the print this month. For those of you unfamiliar (and that makes me sad inside) "Thank you Mario! But out princess is in another castle!" displayed after the completion of every level.  It makes you wonder why they didn't just tell Mario the correct castle in the first place!!

The box included this Piranha Plant magnet (.50) which is already on my fridge, a pair of mushroom and star earrings ($3.00) made from cute clay.  The box also included this cute keychain with charms for mushroom, fire plant and the brick box ($5.99).

The next two pieces of jewelry are more wearble for me, but may have to focused on 80's themed parties or for geeking up your next ensemble. I couldn't locate either the exact necklace or ring online but I would ballpark the necklace at $5 as it has a super long chain and the ring at $3.

Fandom of the Month is $13 a box, $35 for three boxes and $66 for six months. It ships to APO/DPO. It is a cute box with cutesy jewelry. Die hard Mario fans will love.

Overall out of 10, I give August Fandom of the Month a 5 on quality, 8 on cost (costed out close to $17.50), 4 on appropriate for me and 8on fun.  Still not cancelling yet...but....

Unboxing video below:


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