Meet my Enemy: This silent but deadly pest plagues our existence in Ghana. He lurks in the air carrying Malaria, Yellow Fever and even Dengue. He causes countless itchy hours and causes us to sleep beneath tents. He is my nemesis, my foe, the bane of my existence.
But in all seriousness, the mosquito is the most dangerous animal in Africa by far! It is essential that  visitors to Ghana take proper precautions against mosquitoes and the malaria that some may be carrying. Our family takes malaria medications weekly that keep us from getting infected. While you may have heard that malaria-carrying mosquitoes come at dusk and dawn, there are many types of mosquitoes traveling at all hours of day and night. These beasts can also transmit a number of other maladies, so it is best to avoid mosquitoes wherever possible. Therefore, I was super excited when this month's HomeGrown Collective arrived. "Let's talk about Bugs, Baby!!"

This month's box GREENBOX was not just crafts but really learning home remedies and natural ways to combat the BUG. First I read a lot about the natural components of citronella that keeps the bugs away and had a great time learning to make my own citronella candle.  This was SHOCKINGLY easy. And though if we were in the US, I could easily pick up a natural candle at the store, they are less prominent in Ghana. Learning this skill is amazing.

The kit provided soy wax and the components for a wick. I used the microwave and a bell jar to melt the wax and combined it with the provided citronella and mint oils. I enjoyed learning how to do this myself and I am convinced I could EASILY replicate this on my own.

The next project was creating and learning the purpose and use of the ingredients of a natural bug spray.  I was skeptical about the potency of the home grown type of spray, but I was IMPRESSED.  The project itself was super easy.

First I infused boiling water with lemon grass. The way the boxes connected, they also suggested adding herbs from previous boxes, so I added spearmint. There is nothing worse than a bug spray that smells like bug spray.

Using the instruction I added the liquid to a serious of other inputs and combined it in the provided bottle. We demoed the spray at a local restaurant and it worked SUPER well.  Better than the all natural store bought sprays I had been using. The final project I haven't gotten to try yet, but that may be because the spray worked so well.

The last project was all natural cures for bug bites, which including adding sodium bicarbonate with garlic. I hate to think I am hoping to get bit so I can use it, but I will let all know how great this remedy works.

Homegrown Collective is 39.99 a month and $9 shipping, price drops to $105 for 3 months, $234 for 6 months with free shipping.  Military/diplomat discount below!

Overall out of 10, I give HomeGrown Collective a 9 on quality, 8 on cost (it is a pricier box), 10 on appropriate for me (KILL THEM BUGS) and an 8 on fun.  I really enjoyed this month's box.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: YES!  Another Military Discount!  Homegrown Collective has won the Dubinskys' Travels Gold Award for a 15% off ALL boxes for Military and Diplomat Communities.  Use coupon code: Military4.  Thanks for your support Homegrown Collective.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes.


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