Well...Hrmm, it would seem the month got away from me. At the end of August I received my last Horror Block, but I was super impressed by the Box.  We have a full unboxing video that was posted in time at the bottom.

The first item was a Blu Ray + DVD Combo pack for Rise of the Zombies ($10). We do a Halloween Scary Movie Marathon each year and this will be EXCELLENT to do a screening of because its a solid B movie. 

"When the undead overrun San Francisco, a desperate group survives by locking themselves inside Alcatraz Prison. But when the dead invade the island, they must gamble everything on finding a way to stop the zombie scourge. Special Features: Widescreen Presentation, 5.1 Surround Sound, Making of Featurette"

Also included this month was an exclusive for Nerd Block Friday the 13th Plush and another exclusive signature and photo from the shining.  The plush is cute, but I can't seem to let my son to play with Jason. The twins shot is interesting and includes collectible vouchers, but I am not really sure what to do with it.  Hang it?

Also creepy and a tad pointless was this scary "exclusive" notebook. It is great for getting you into the holiday season, but less so for taking to a meeting. Not sure how the Ambassador would feel if I pulled this one out at Country Team.

As always in Horror Block, we received this month's Rue Morgue.  Normally this item is chucked into the waste bin, but I did get excited by the Rocky Horror Picture Show article. Also included but sadly didn't get photographed, but seen tiny above was a TIMELY BeetleJuice shirt.  If you want to see click the video below.  Apologies the pic didn't get uploaded.

Overall out of 10 I give this box a 6 on quality (not enough big items), 8 on cost ($25), 6 on appropriate for me and a 6 on fun. 

Full Unboxing video below:


  1. I want to love this box so much but there just isn't enough good stuff in there!


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