M here again, with the first round of August's Ipsy Glam Bag, with its Prep School theme. I say first round, because, thanks to the DPO vortex, as of the end of August I still hadn't received this pouch, and contacted Ipsy support. They were rather awesome about the issue, and, after confirming that they had the correct address, sent a free replacement pouch, which is still on its way. They even replaced the extra points, with interest, that I had spent to get one of their extra sample rewards. The process was quick, and painless. What's even better, the original pouch eventually arrived this Tuesday - a reward for coming back to work after Labor Day. 

August's original bag
As a reminder, Ipsy is a $10/month makeup sample subscription service that sends a shiny fuchsia pouch of 4-5 (so far I've gotten 5 in each) sample size makeup/skin/hair items, based on your preferences from a little quiz and updated with your response to each month's pouch. You are asked to review the products once you get them both a) to hopefully improve their choices for you next time and b) to, presumably, help Ipsy get more samples by providing market data to their clients/suppliers. Reviewing the products gets you Ipsy points, which you can use on their site. In this pouch, I used it to get the Hydrating Balm, seen on the left. 

Products in left-to-right order:

  • No Frizz Hydrating Balm by CAG Beauty Jonathan Products - (3 out of 5) - as I mentioned, I'd used 500 of the points they give you for reviewing the products on their site, and ordered this extra sample. It seems a bit ore effective than the beach spray in the last pouch, but a little oily as well. I'm neither thrilled nor horrified.
  • Albertini - Divine Skin Hydrator- (3 out of 5) - This brands itself sort of as a leave-in conditioner for your skin. I'm not really seeing how it's better than the lotion you'd put on immediately afterwards. However, as lotions go, it's a good one, and my skin feels good, so it's going into my travel toiletries. 
  • Hounds-tooth pouch - (5 out of 5) - I think half the reason I get these boxes is so that I have all the bright organizing pouches I can use. This one is a cheery hounds-tooth, in keeping with the Prep School motif, and feels like it should be water resistant. I'm thinking it will become my medkit at work. 
  • Doll 10 Beauty - HydraGel Blush in Flirt - (3? out of 5) - I don't use blush, so this was a miss for me. However, it did feel soft and creamy, and the mirrored lid was a nice touch. I asked not to receive any more blush items. 
  • Lord & Berry - ultimate lipcolor and liner in nude - (4 out of 5) - I don't normally use lipliner, associating it with those scary people on reality TV who use it to make their lips look alien. That said, I really liked the color of this, and it's creamy, so I used it as a base layer under a lighter chapstick. 
  • La Fresh Group - Good Night. Night Cream - (3 out of 5) - I like lotions and skin creams, especially living in a country that the Sahara is trying desperately to overwhelm. This lotion is very light, I'm not convinced that it's going to be up to the challenge around here. It does smell nice, lightly grape-seed-y, and has a slight tingle. Probably quite fine for those not in the Sudano-Sahelian band. 
  • noyah - Natural Lipstick - (0 out of 5) - I love lipstick, I hated this. First, it's this horrible Barbie Dream House pink, which doesn't even look good on Barbie. Second, its texture is just... weird... somewhat thick and sticky, and it doesn't apply smoothly. NOT a fan. 

Overall, I liked about half of what I got. Not loved it enough to dance crazily around the office like the first set (the day my sample of trestique eye crayon died was a sad, sad day), but not disliked enough to make me cancel. I'm very impressed, however, with their support team - they were quick to respond and didn't fuss over replacing the pouch that I thought was lost in the DPO vortex (turns out it was just slow). What will be interesting to see is what comes in the replacement pouch - I was told that it may have different items. Also, being able to preview September's bag, I can already see that there are samples I'd like to try.

So, the Ipsy Glam Bag, Prep School edition:
  • Value for money:  7 out of 10 - I'd pay $7 for the lipliner and pouch, and probably would have grabbed the travel-sized hair balm, too. 
  • Quality: 8 out of 10 - with the exception of the awful lipstick, the quality of the goods was high, even if they weren't appropriate for me (does anyone need a spare blush?)
  • Fun: 7 out of 10 - Not impressed with how long it took to get here, but that's not Ipsy's fault. Still, their response was good, and I'll look forward to a second pouch. Eventually... *fingers crossed for the DPO*
PK doesn't see the allure of makeup - she's born cute

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