I was super excited when this month's M is for Monster arrived.  For those of you who read, last month M is for Monster won our top 5 for July and really amazed me with quick and easy projects I could do with my son after work. This month was no exception.

M is for Monster is a box of little activities that match with a "theme for the week."  Each week includes projects for the week that match a theme.  If you need supplies for the activity they will be included, for instance this box came with Elmer's Glue.  We received the Toddler box which focuses on letter, numbers, shapes and fine motorskills.

The themes for this week included the sun, sticky, doctor's office and static. Each week comes separately packaged and with a list of additional readings activities and songs. I am going to work a little backwards this month and tell you about the AWESOME Sun and Dr weeks.

Sun included a spelling and free drawing exercise that my sun enjoyed.  We worked on (trying) to write letters and sound out Sun.  We then read the "Wake Up, Sun" book that was included.  LJ got super into yelling Wake Up Sun.  

The activity also included drawing and counting the rays on the sun. This one was a little rough for him so we drew the rays, counted them together and colored them in together. I loved this activity and the "sticky" activity because it introduced new vocabulary for my 2.5 year old (getting to almost 3).

As I have previously mentioned, everything you need is in the box, so it was great to also get a little hand made sun shaped coloring book and a full pack of crayons in the box.  Week 1 was Dr. Week.  LJ loved the "pretend Dr Box" that came in the packet.  I liked that it was more home madey so it was a McDonalds style cardboard box with Qtips, toungue depressors, gauze and bandaids.  We discussed the Drs office (which for us is at the Embassy) and what you say and do there.

Then we did an INCREDIBLY fun and creative craft project together.  Using Qtips, Glue, black paper and chalk we made an "X-ray" of LJ's hand.  He got super into it and spent the next two days showing everyone his hand.  Once again, EVERYTHING we needed was in the box.

My photos for the other weeks didn't come out as nice but Sticky week was SUPER impressive.  LJ didn't know the word Sticky so we spent at least 10 minutes talking about it and walking around finding things that are sticky.  The activity was sorting puffy balls into big and little and putting them on sticky paper.  We also made a sticky tape ball.  Since the project LJ has used the word Sticky a lot, but its always "sticky, like the project."

M is for Monster is $38.95 Month to Month or $42.95 for a Single Box. 

Overall we give M is for Monster out of 10 a 7 on quality (there are a lot of home printables but they really are awesome), 9 for cost (full size craft items still wow me) and fun 10.  

MILITARY DISCOUNT: M is for Monster also has won our Gold Award for offering a 25% off your first purchase for the military and diplomatic communities.  Use coupon code OVERSEAS and I would suggest buying the 6 months!  It's worth it.


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