Wow, my son is getting so big so fast. Each month as M is for Monster arrives, I am wowed by how much his fine motors skills have changed from the month before and his intelligence has increased.  Two months ago he struggled counting to 20 and holding crayons and now he is zipping through some of the projects.

M is for Monster is a box of little activities that match with a "theme for the week." Each week includes projects for the week that match a theme. If you need supplies for the activity they will be included, for instance this box came with Elmer's Glue. We received the Toddler box which focuses on letter, numbers, shapes and fine motorskills.

This month was D for Donuts, Airplanes, Cats and about me. We went a tad out of order this month and started with airplanes. The first project was counting and gluing clouds to boards while counting them out. LJ likes to get super messy with the glue (included in the box), so we skipped that step, but counted out all the clouds and discussed how planes fly through the clouds. (do ignore the sheep, unrelated).

Next we did a plane toss game, the box came with this super cute plane that we through all over the house and perhaps tortured the dogs some.  I loved that it was made from foam and packs up great.  We have since taken that plane to the pool and beach! The last part was doing a pretend airport.  The box came with great cards that included a badge where LJ got to be the pilot, a mock ticket and baggage ticket.  He walked around the rest of the day showing people his ticket to Egypt.

Next came DONUTS Week!  This was a lot of fun.  The first project was taking sticky shapes and putting them on the donuts.  My only criticism of this month's box was sadly these sticky shapes that were "Lick and stick" did not stick.  I did enjoy that we talked about shapes and sprinkles!

As if looking at Donuts wasn't enough...We got to smell them too. The box came with an activity that you put DONUT scented stickers on a searchaward style template marking out all the letter "Ds." LJ loved it (as he is a MASSIVE fan of stickers). Our Ghanaian nanny was floored by the concept of DONUT scented stickers and walked around our house showing everyone.  Personally I was just left wanting donuts...badly.  The D projects were great!

Cat week included a full scale book early reader book with Cats of the main character. The value of the book was easily $10 and LJ has read it several times. It was part of the same series as the Wake Up sun book the month before so it felt connected, I like when there is continuity between boxes. There was also an art project and a coloring project!

The final week was all about the concept of me. I really enjoyed this set of activities because it not only worked on drawing and intelligence skills but really touched on some emotional understanding. The box, which came with the mirror and crayons pictured below, challenged LJ to color himself. We talked about his face, eyes and hair and what made it different from Mommy and Daddy. This lead to questions like why is Daddy's hair brown and LJ's hair blonde and why does Mommy have freckles and LJ does not. I really liked this activity. The week also included an  project for etching of LJ's name for him to make crayon rubs.

I found this box chalk full of activities I would have never thought of and lead to great conversations with my son. Additionally, it included some AMAZING activities and products I wouldn't have had access to normally.M is for Monster is $38.95 Month to Month or $42.95 for a Single Box. 

Overall we give M is for Monster out of 10 a 7 on quality (there are a lot of home printables but they really are awesome), 9 for cost (full size craft items still wow me), 8 on appropriate for LJ (he can now count higher than the cards provided and fun 10.  

MILITARY DISCOUNT: M is for Monster also has won our Gold Award for offering a 25% off your first purchase for the military and diplomatic communities.  Use coupon code OVERSEAS and I would suggest buying the 6 months!  It's worth it.


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