I had heard about Mantry box - "The modern man's pantry" - a while ago and knew some people that really liked it. However, the $75/month price tag scared me off (even $59/month if you buy the 12-month subscription. Then, my friend tipped me off to a buy one get one free promotion. For $37.50/box, I was willing to give it a try. Mantry delivers six full-size artisanal products every month from across the country. This is actually my second box: the first one had a jar of broken salsa that grew mold over almost everything inside (of what was salvageable, the cactus candy was a total win). Mantry immediately promised to send a replacement box. While I didn't get the same one, I did appreciate the customer service.

I think the price is so steep because it comes in an actual wood crate - a small, sturdy crate. It's a nice touch, but maybe a little unnecessary. If my townhouse had a garage, I'd probably have more use for multiple wood crates, but right now, maybe only one or two. Mantry also comes with a brochure describing their products, why they are considered manly, and giving some ideas for how to use them. This month's theme is bourbon BBQ.

The first thing I saw in this month's box was a 6-ounce bag of chipotle barbeque half pops, the "curiously crunchy popcorn" ($4.29). The popcorn had a strong barbeque flavor with a long, mild chipotle aftertaste. I opened the bag for a taste before reviewing and became a little bit addicted. Next was the Chef's Cut chipotle cracked pepper steak jerky (4 pack costs $27.96). So I see Mantry wants to bring the heat this month. This jerky was better than some other boxes' jerky products. It also had good flavor and a bit of a kick in the aftertaste. The third snack in the box was Vermont Smoke and Cure smoked pepperoni (2 pack for $13.95). Mantry recommends just cutting off a piece and eating or making a smoked pepperoni, mozzarella, and basil grilled cheese sandwich.

Moving on to the seasonings and spreads, the box had a bottle of hot Georgia Soul sweet and fiery barbeque sauce ($6.42) and Skillet's original bacon spread ($14.99). Mantry recommends combining these two products to make a pulled pork with bacon jam and sliced apple sandwich. The barbeque sauce has cayenne and sriracha so it continues the theme of products with a slight kick.

Finally, for boozing purposes, the last item in the crate was Bittermilk No. 1 bourbon barrel aged old fashioned bitters ($15.00), which are perfect because the old fashioned has been my drink of choice since I started watching Mad Men. The downside is that I have my own homemade bitters, several bottles of Angostura, and some recent bitters from another box I've been meaning to try. I guess it never hurts to have too many bitters (until pack out time comes around I guess). Either way, these will be good for grilling while drinking bourbon.

Overall, I give this product a 9 on quality, a 4 on cost (my math comes to $54.65 worth or product), a 9 on appropriate for me, and a 9 on fun. 

I'll give it to them, Mantry put together a really strong, high quality box. They only included full-sized products (no samplers), and there are not any items that I have no interest in. I also appreciate that they provide a high-quality brochure with recipes and ideas for how to use the products. The problem is that you are paying quite a bit per month for their curation and the wooden crate (this month's mark up was about $20). While I enjoyed this box and will look forward to my next free box, I don't see continuing the subscription purely due to the cost. 


  1. I love that it arrives in a wooden crate, that's not something you see every day. These look great, especially the fact they are actual size and not samples. I've seen others review the subscription boxes and seen that a lot are just samples. I like this. May have to look into it for my husband and 18 yr old.

  2. Ah, I am on the fence about Mantry with it's big ol' price tag but you may be swaying me here. LOL


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