Halloween is here! And I am crazy about doing Halloween themed baking. In fact, Halloween was half the reason I signed up for My Bakers Box, a baking focused subscription box. At my annual party I always do about 24 cupcakes, a cake, and several other scary themed items.
This month's box My Bakers Box included 4 cake pop molds. I have wanted to work with these items for awhile, but my first reactions was..4? What am I going to do with 4? 

I found the same pops online in bulk ranging from 100 - 25 count.  In fact, to price it out the fewest I could find in a set on amazon were 6 for 9.99 (5 stars). I think I can still try something like the below on them, but the count still seems unreasonable.

The next item was a dozen orange cupcake liners. They are pretty key for Halloween and are a tad underwhelming.  You can order 100 on amazon for $6.99.  In addition, there were a dozen spider web cupcake wrappers.  I loved these! They appear to be made by AllHeartDesires and are sold on Amazon for $5.99 for a pack of 24. They are original and super cute.

The final three items are meant to jazz up your Halloween desserts.  The first was a mini pack of black sprinkles.  Similar to these on the Wilton Cake sprinkles that sell for $3.29, the package is a perfect size for a couple dozen Halloween cupcakes. I would say I was underwhelmed with the fact the box just included simple black sprinkles. Also for decorating, was a full-sized White Candy Writer by CK Candy for $5.79. I happen to have purchased this great pretzel making set earlier in the year, so I can use the candy writers to help create mummy fun.

(This is the mold I ALREADY owned, not from the box)

The last one was by far the most fun, Candy Edible Zombie Cupcake Toppers (12 for $7.99).  The box came with two sets, which probably can make 4-6 cupcakes.  Using the linings, cups and toppers I can make my son a couple of cute Halloween cupcakes.  However, sadly, I don't think this box will help much in party preparation.  As a whole, I like that the box included some diverse items and could lead to fun projects. But like similar months, I am not sure about the few amount of pieces.

My Bakers Box is $25 for one month, $66 for three months, $114 for 6 months and $228 for 12 months.

Overall, out of 10, I give My Bakers Box a 7 on quality for the complaints above, 4 on cost (I priced it at $21.58), 9 on appropriate for me (I can't get any of this here in Ghana) and 10 on fun. 

MILITARY/DIPLOMAT DISCOUNT: My Bakers Box has offered a $5.00 off all subscriptions for military and diplomatic communities with the coupon code MILBOX at checkout. Thanks My Bakers Box.


  1. Thank you for the review. I apologize if you were not happy with the amounts and sizes of the products you received. Unfortunately, like other subscription boxes, most items are just samples. We try to feature at least 1-2 full size items per box- but to keep our monthly fee low for consumers, we cannot provide all full sized products. We also sell all the products online in our shop- the link is as some of the items you described are not ours on Amazon. Thank you


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