I love when My Texas Market monthly box arrives.  Unlike other subscriptions I have NO IDEA whats going to be in this box. It could be anything from food to paper products and this month did not let down. The theme this month was released to be "Backyard Brunch." (Full Unboxing Video at the bottom)

My Texas Market is a Houston-based subscription box that relies on and supports Texan small businesses. In addition, it warms my heart that 10% of their proceeds go to the Houston Food Bank. I LOVE that they are giving back! Also, I didn't show photos, but you can see in the below video, each item was incredibly well packaged and put together. There will be no breakage in this box unlike some other food boxes we have received.

The first item in the box smelled amazing.  It hit your nose despite all the packaging the moment you opened the box.  Earth Meets Water makes a great smelling soy candle that "are made with cotton wicks and phthalate free oils. Compostable cellophane is used to package some of the wax melts, and when possible [they] recycle jars given back from customers to use again."  Also a company that cares, Earth Meets Water donates to Turtle Island Restoration Network. The candle sells on Etsy for $10.

The next item was Lavender Honey from Gretchen Bee Ranch ($4).  According to their site their "wildflower honey is a symphony of flavors, produced as our bees visit horsemint, Indian blanket, agarita and other wildflowers that bloom every spring in..Texas." I haven't tried it yet, but I am super looking forward to putting it in tea.

Next was a full bag of District Roasters' Coffee Totally Righteous House blend ($14.00). We haven't had a chance to brew it yet but it smells amazing. The coffee is described as containing "a blend of coffee from the major growing regions in the world. Flavor Notes: Tastes of deep chocolate and hints of juniper round out this cup."

For the booze connoisseur, the box included an 8 oz bottle of Liber & Co Gum Syrup ($7.00). This is a great compliment to a hipster bar like Andrew has. It can be used for Old Fashioneds or Sazerac. We will crack it open this weekend but according to Liber's website there are only positive reviews with 5 "stars."

The final food item was Texas Bacon Jalapeño Jam ($12.00). The jam has a great combination of sweet and hot flavors. Since I didn't think it should go on toast or a bagel, I was a little perplexed by this product.  But the Just Flavors suggests putting "it on your cheeseburger, your pork chop, chicken or sausage on your grill, your pancakes or waffles, your icecream or your breakfast tacos." Ice cream sounds awesome!

The last item was a pad of paper with a magnet on the back that says Market List from P.S. Paper Shoppe ($8.00). These are cute and I love the added touch of a stationary item in a predominately food box.

My Texas Market is $35.00 a month with a reduction to $100 for 3 months and $195 for 6 months.

Overall, out of 10, on quality I give this box a 9, on cost an 8 (I cost the total box out at $55), on appropriate for me 9, and on fun a 10.

Military Discount: My Texas Market won the gold award from the Dubinskys' Travels for offering a 10% discount for military, veteran, and diplomat communities with coupon code MILITARY10.

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Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes


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