The road trip. An age old tradition where a family braves the elements, the traffic and our case packs of roaming bulls to reach their desired location. Nothing is more connected to road trips than food. Packing the perfect road trip treat bag is as important as choosing the right playlist for your music device or ensuring you packed your son's favorite stuffed animal. This is where I struggle. Between my gluten free tendencies and citrus allergies I have struggled to find the right snacks for me. Usually I load up on Lara Bars and call it a day, but this month Num Nums Munch Box arrived right in time. (Unboxing video at the bottom)

Num-Nums is an allergy-conscious monthly snack subscription service that sends an assortment to you each month. If you try something you like, you can purchase more of that snack in their new online shop.  Allergy options include Dairy Free Box, Peanut/Tree Nut Free Box, Gluten Free Box, Top 8 Allergen Free Box and Vegan Box. They also offer a custom box, which was perfect for me and my citrus allergy. You also have 2 size choices: The Single Box ($21.99 plus shipping) contains 10-12 snacks, while the Double ($43.50) has 20-22.

The first item was Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn It’s made with non-GMO ingredients, has 35 calories per serving.  Next was Brother’s All Natural Fuji Apples with Cinnamon which are simply freeze dried apples sprinkled with real cinnamon.  LJ enjoyed them so I think they would be good for little ones, but personally I thought the consistency was weird.

Enjoy Life Margherita Pizza Plentils and Enjoy Life Garlic & Parmesan Plentils were both included and are lentil-based chips that in addition to being allergen free have 40% less fat than regular chips and have just 100 calories per serving. These were amazing in the car because they were a light weight snack that didn't make you feel like you were eating junk food.  The Laik Black Rice Crackers had mixed reviews in our car.  LJ and I did not care for them but Andrew seemed to enjoy.

I was super pumped to see the NuGo Free Dark Chocolate Crunch Bar because I am always looking for gluten free protein bars, especially ones with chocolate.  This one was ok but it was SUPER heavy on the rice. I personally prefer to see a lot less. We also got Peppermint Glee Gum, which came in handy as it helped with some car sickness related to fun African roads.

Farmer’s Crate Baked Beet Thins were a great item in theory. They have only two ingredients and are non-GMO, BUT they tasted....well like dried beets. Not the most satisfying of car foods, but I can see it hitting the spot if I was looking for a super low calorie snack.  Just maybe not in the car. Finally, ThinkFruit Cherries, well I would love to tell you these tasted as amazing as they looked, but they appear to have not made it on the trip.  Perhaps someone in my house chowed down on them before we hit the road.....

Overall out of 10 I give the citrus and gluten free Num Nums box a 9 on quality (there was an amazing assortment of different types of items), 8 on cost, 10 on appropriate for me (catered to my crazy needs) and 8 on fun!!

MILITARY DISCOUNT: NumNums offers a $5 discount for military/diplomats. Use coupon code SAVE5 on check out.  Please note we expect our readers to use the honor system.

Disclaimer: Received for review purposes


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