Fleas, pneumonia, and upper respiratory infections. It has been an INCREDIBLY rough month for our poor puppies. Ghanaian fleas are CRAZY evil and attacked the entire house and our pups were HUGE victims. But there was a light at the end of an itchy tunnel for them this month. Pupjoy arrived!

I remain incredibly impressed by the quality and diversity and after a disastrous month it was great to see my pups excited! Since our last Pupjoy review, they have done a lot of amazing and impressive upgrades to their site.  You can now add preferences for items more directly into their interface and feel like you are part of the selection process. So much so that I got exactly what I needed for my guys.

The first item was a giant bag of Blue Dog Bakery Bones ($6.99 and 4 stars on Amazon).  Blue Dog Bakery products are no animal by-products, artificial flavorings and/or other ingredients that can be harmful or unhealthy for pets have been added. These bones are harder and apparently tastier than other similar "chew bone" products such as milk bones. They are bit pricey, but considering they are made from all natural ingredients it's work the price ensure my pups have both longer and healthier life spans. I really liked these and will aim to continue to purchase them.

The next item was an additional treat bag, but I am happy to say, that much like the rest of the United States, Elk and Menlo will be enjoying Pumpkin Spice this month! We got the Grain Free Pumpkin Spice Gourmet Dog Treats ($12.99). One Dog Organic Bakery has a cute online store that describes their company as "a small, family run bakery located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Every treat is lovingly handcrafted by Veronica, her hubby, Dale, and now, an amazing team of friends who have come out to support us, especially for your fur family. Every order is special to us because your dog is special to us." My pups loved them....I mean pumpkin spice!

In addition, we got Pet Perfume and All Surface Pet Cleaner from Green Dog.  Both bottles were 32 fl oz. These appear to be part of their sampler set that retails for $21.99 and includes 5 items so I will price these at $9. We are always looking for ways to keep our house clean as all our furniture is on loan for the US government so I look forward to testing these. We are always searching for stuff that is also safe for our toddler. 

Above you can also see we got a super cute fun toy. In fact, so cute and fun, it disappeared into the dog toy abyss before I could continue photographing. Menlo loves it so much he has hidden it from us and Elko ($10).

PupJoy is $29 a month and ships APO and DPO. Also, a 6-month subscription is only $25/month and a 12-month term subscription is $23/month. All our readers can get 10% off your first purchase by using the link throughout.

Overall out of 10 on quality I give PupJoy a 10 (I was impressed with the baked treats), a 10 on cost ($38.98), an 8 and 10 on fun.  Elko and Menlo are still hiding the toys from each other.  

Military Discount: In addition to the above, PupJoy offers a 10% discount for military and diplomatic pups stationed overseas with coupon code OVERSEAS.

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Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes


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