Grays Grays Go Away!  Wait...I mean..I have no gray hairs. I started using MyMatchUp/ Esalon.coms hair dye MIRACLE in June and have been so super happy with it. Prior to it, I never had the faith in myself to dye my hair and waited until I could get to a hair salon.  When I lived in Thailand, that meant waiting 9-10 months to getting my hair dyed. MyMatchUp was a great solution.

This month, prior to getting my hair dye, I emailed my personal consultant at  I told them that I wanted to go even darker and I had been happy with the color for the first week, but less so as it lightened (as all hair dye does).  We went back and forth and she sent me my latest formula to view. YAY Darker!

The box (pictured below) includes everything you need to dye your hair if you are an unprofessional newb like me.  1) A kit with gloves, brush, scalp protector, scalp dye corrector  2) two sets for bottling that allow for you to do one formula for your roots and a separate formula for the rest of your hair.  And EASY directions. To see the full contents of the box check out the below unboxing video.

In addition, eSalon has a monthly hair care box that pairs well with your hair color and product. For $30 a month (which you can always opt out of) you can access a bunch of different high quality hair products. I tried them and I loved their smell and use. I am still using the leave in conditioner from my last box so I didn't order any new ones.  I do have to tell you I am wowed by the conditioner, despite the West Africa coupling of humidity and dryness my hair is still pretty healthy.

A single order of hair color costs $24.95 and a subscription for every 10 weeks is $19.95.  They also offer products for just your roots or to cover grays.

Overall I give this product a 10 on quality, an extra 10 on customer service, an 8 on cost, an 8 on appropriate for me and a 6 on fun!

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