August was an interesting month for subscription boxes. We saw a range of performance. Some boxes took advantage of the summer months to "phone it in" and others really impressed us.  Here are our top 5 for August.

KinderBox: We have been super up and down with KinderBox but this month Andrew was super happy with the box. He is already using the full size toiletries, but it is the knife and packing water bottle that made the price of this box SUPER worth it this month. Lesson learned from the Dubinskys...More knives and survival gear!

BrambleBox: This month we were able to try BrambleBox and LOVED it. The kids box ended up being a fun conversation for the whole family and it included elephants, which is on par with Andrew's love for knives. We juggled, did a craft and had a blast making a circus in our house!

Stitch Fix: It is rare I include our fashion boxes on our top lists but I LOVED my black dress that came in this month's Stitch Fix. It is entirely possible I have already worn it three times and am currently looking for an excuse to wear it again. Well done Stitch Fix!

GameBox Monthly: Andrew remain adamant that once again GameBox Monthly made this month's let it be. We got ANOTHER game we would have never purchase ourselves that was an amazing blast. See the full review here, but I will say we continue to play each game and are honestly jump up and down excited when our monthly box arrives.

TeaBox: This month we included TeaBox for a couple reasons, but the primary one is stellar customer service.  M reviews TeaBox for the blog and TRULY enjoys their product. The packaging went through DESTRUCTION in customs. TeaBox reached out to us and offered to replace the box though the damage had nothing to do with them. We thought this showed true respect for their product and we were wowed! Pinkies up for TeaBox.

Runners Up include: Nums Nums Munch Box & Kid's Prize Pack


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