It's Wantable Intimates time! This month's box had its highs and lows but I certainly enjoyed it.

The first item was this chemise from Sophie B ($19). It was definitely nothing like anything else in my lingerie drawer as I usually stick to reds and blacks. This had a baby doll feel a the colors were muted purples and pinks. Sadly, I showed to husband and he was...none too impressed. Returned.

Next were the below AMAZING socks from Happy Socks. I love when I get socks in my Wantable box. I couldn't find the exact pair on the internet, but it would appear Nordstrom carries Happy Socks for ($12.00). Loved the color, loved the fit, loved the style!

The last item in the box was a single tank top. I do not get this. I have written in the past about Pajama Drama sets.  Target and Kohls sell these sets for $24.99 and Wantable costs the tank at $21.00. I did search the net and several others just got the top from the set in their Wantables. Why separate the set? I don't get this. It's getting returned.

Wantable is $36 a month or $40 for a single box. Overall out of 10 I give this month's Wantable Intimates on quality 6, on cost 7, on appropriate for me 5 and fun 7.You can sign up for Wantable Intimates here.

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