This month was my first dive into Wantable's new face products and I was really impressed. However, I was a tad let down by a couple repeat items this month, but the overall value was certainly there.

The first item was the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic. Review on the site and amazon seem incredibly positive and comment that it is a great product if you have mild to severe acne. Glow tonic is meant help firm and tighten skin as well as remove dead cells. The aroma isn't overly alcohol smelling and is refreshing. Since its a European brand the pricing online I found was super high, but Wantable costs it out at $18.00

I am super crazy about the Ofra Lipliner in Cherish that was in the box ($13.00). It is a water resistant pink pencil for use on both lips and eyes. The base is synthetic beeswax, which makes for an easy application and limited bleed. Since receiving it I have already paired it with my Mood Matcher from previous box and a clear lip gloss. Loving it.

This month I also got the Seta Kabuki Brush.  Its meant as a blush brush or for bronzer. I have to be honest, these little brushes disappoint me.  This is the second time I have received a Seta brush of this type.  I had gotten the retractable one in a previous box and wasn't overly impressed. Wantable prices it at $18, which seems overpriced to me.

The last item in this month's Wantable makeup box was the Smokey Notes set from 29 Notes ($39.00).  The four colors were awesome and make for a great smokey eye compact.  My issue with this piece was more on the curation of Wantable than the item. Two months ago I received a tri blue eyeshadow from doucce.  I loved and spoke highly of it, but two of the colors are identical to this. I know I didn't change my preferences, but sending items nearly so alike is frustrating.

Overall I give this month's Wantable Makeup a 7 on quality, 8 on cost (almost solely for the toner), 6 on appropriate for me (decrease due to repeats) and 8 on fun!

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