I love this themed box!  Bramble Box never ceases to impress me with its high quality and creative items.  Now all that being kid is in a Jerk phase.  Yup, I said it.  He is almost three and has recently discovered how to have a collosal meltdown for zero reason. So I apologize to Bramble Box that he looks SO sad, but he did enjoy the projects.
Each Bramble box contains props and play materials to light a fire (get the pun?) in kid's imagination. And this month's camping box did not disappoint
The activities in the box were listed, as usual on the lid. And there was a welcome letter to kids, giving them an introduction to the role of Forest Ranger.  

LJ and I paused for longer than I expected to talk about Animal Feet.  He really enjoyed the concepts of animal tracks, but I didn't care that the best way I came up to explain it was comparing it to when the dogs leave "animal tracks" on the tile floor :)

The first activity involved going fishing. Now, we have seen similar activities like this in other boxes (Koala Crate), but I did like the simplicity of cutting out the felt. Though.. cutting felt is not an easy feat. Check out that mom focus!

LJ had fun fishing and even started "catching" stuffed animals. I would say that that sadly this pole didn't work all that well and LJ lost focus SUPER fast but it was fun while it lasted.
The second activity was to create a really fun lantern. Sadly this activity also was a lot of cutting and turned into more a mommy craft project than a LJ project.  It did lead to a large conversation on why toddlers can't use Mommy's scissors.  Cue obligatory MELTDOWN face.

The lantern did turn out SUPER CUTE.
The box also included a slew of smaller items that helped us create our camping ambiance. We built a cardboard fire, made LJ a badge and talked about compasses.

Bramble Box is $25 for a single box and includes definitely a nights worth of activities along with toys and books that can be reused in creative ways. 3 Month subscription is 75.00 6 Month Subscription is $144.00 and 12 Month Subscription is $276.00.

If you want to try Bramble Box, use this link with the code fallishere30 to save 30% on your 1st box.

Overall out of 10, I give this month's Bramble Box an 8 on quality, an 8 on cost, a 6 on appropriate for LJ (Mommy sadly did ALL of the craft projects) and 10 on fun!

Military Discount: Bramble Box has won our Gold Award for offering a great military discount! Use coupon code Overseas20 for 20% off your first box, which cannot be combined with other coupons. (Sadly I recommend using the above coupon this month).

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