I love a subscription box not only with a story and cause, but with a passion.  I can truly understand and feel the love and passion behind Crafting it Forward. For those of you new to the blog, I work at USAID. My job here in Ghana is all about giving back and working to end extreme poverty, so it was great to see a subscription box that mirrors this in a different but significant way. (Full Unboxing Video at the end)

How it works: The box provides materials and instructions to create 1-2 crafts plus a mailing label to send completed crafts to a children’s hospital or senior care facility. We chatted with the company and decided, since we are in Ghana, to pass the items off to needy kids here.

I love the concept behind the box A LOT. It teaches kids all about the idea that "giving is better than receiving." I am especially noticing as I continue this reviewing spree, my son has gotten especially spoiled, asking "where is my present" a lot. And I love that I we discussed (at length) how this item will go to another kid without toys.

Our two projects were creating a mobile out of felt, dots and cloud stickers and a basket weave.

The materials for both projects were TRULY high quality and the projects themselves were really creative, especially the basket weave.  The only downside was it wasn't the most age appropriate for my son. I would say this is targeted at 4+. I pretty much did the entire craft.

The box is $19 a month for one crafting kid, $24 / month for 2, $31 for 3 months, and an optional $8 / month to sponsor a child (shipping and taxes not included). They do ship APO and to Canada, costs are not listed on their website without actually signing up.

Overall, I give Crafting it Forward an 8 on quality, a 7 on cost, 10 on appropriate for me (5 on appropriate for LJ only because he was too young) and 7 on fun! If this is a cause you would like to support (and you should!) Check it out!

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes.


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