This month I really enjoyed my Fabletics order. In addition to trying to raise the bar on my Yoga work outs, I have also added (trying to add) a running regime to my workout. Though I will admit it was rough in Ghana weather. This month I was super happy and impressed with the selection and diversity Fabletics presented. Inspired by dance and dance movement, this month's collection was entitled "Making Moves."
Each month as a Fabletics VIP you are offered a showroom of pieces that changes each time you log in. You pick the outfit that you like at a reduced rate. Sadly the coloring is off in all of my pictures, but I chose Seville as a good yoga bra and pant, ending up liking the top the most. The three piece set (seen above) from Fabletics cost 69.95.
The top ended up being the piece I have worn the most. The pants are a great fit, however the lace (as you would expect lace to) lacked elasticity and doesn't really stay put in the leg. I do like the "dance feel" to it.
In an effort to add color to my collection, I swapped out the black bra pictured below with a more bright red one. I love the way it pairs with the pant and it looks great on. Oddly, like my last sports bra though, it doesn't do the best job keeping my breasts in place when doing upside down yoga.

Overall, out of 10 I give this month's Fabletics a 7 on quality, an 8 on cost, a 7 on appropriate for me and as always a 9 on fun.

Also, if you are interested, October collection for Fabletics was released this morning and is called "Total Knockout." You can get half off your first outfit from Fabletics by clicking here to activate the offer. No code needed!

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