Of all the nerd boxes, the one I have hung on to the longest has been Fanmail and I was SUPER excited by the pending Legends of CW book. Due to product delay this box came incredibly late and I have to admit I was somewhat let down, primarily due to the ABUNDANCE of Supernatural stuff. Now if you are a huge Supernatural fan, you will love this box!

Each month Fanmail features a different theme with a variety of collectibles and other girly geeky goodies that can include comics, t-shirts, jewelry, stationery and more. So far they have favored more handmade items or pieces that you wouldn't see in other boxes, but we haven't seen too many "exclusives" that you would see in larger boxes like NerdBlock or LootCrate.

So in case you missed it we partnered with Fanmail a couple months back to do a fun Buffy the Vampire slayer giveaway so I was pumped for Buffy items. The first was a print on the back of the card. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ornament – Cordelia (this is what the card says), but it is obviously actually from Angel ($14.99). 

“Supernatural” Impala License Plate Necklace ($19.99 on Etsy) Curiously I think my necklace broke and there was meant to be a charm, but its cute. I think it would be super awesome if I loved Supernatural.
Exclusive “Arrow” Felicity Smoak Necklace Replica ($14). The exclusive item is from Season 3, Episode 10 of Arrow. I just started Season 1 and I am not into it, yet. The necklace is called the Triad necklace. I don't know about exclusivity given the fact I found it online. 

Also, vampire teeth :)
The cards are promos from Ink Works Premium Trading Cards and they're pretty cute (Smallville, Charmed, Buffy, Supernatural).  The stickers are from Get Glue (Arrow, Supernatural, Nikita, Beauty & the Beast, and The Vampire Diaries!) ($3??)

Exclusive “Supernatural” Sam’s Army Replica & Exclusive “The Flash” CC Jitters Coffee Insulator, I like exclusive items but both of these were underwhelming.  I forgot to take a picture of the army man, but I am told its a solid Supernatural reference, but for me it was a lil toy for my son. Also there was a CC Jitters Coffee Insulator from the newer series, The Flash. Sadly, I haven't started this one either. ($3)
The T-shirt ($15), which I will admit is a great design and quality is ALSO from Supernatural box. So I am told if you love Supernatural, you will love this shirt. I REALLY like the colors and design...sadly, I don't get it.  Leave me a comment and let our readers know ALL the T-Shirt Supernatural references.
Fanmail is $21.99 + $6 shipping and ships APO/DPO. Overall, I give this month's Supernatural, I mean, CW box, a 7 on quality, on cost a 10 (I priced this one at at $70), on appropriate for me 4 (TOO MUCH of one show I don't watch), and an 8 on fun!

Check out previous unboxings of Fanmail below!


  1. I've never heard of Fanmail before, but it looks AMAZING! I've had so many different 'geeky' mystery boxes in the past, and always feel a bit let down by some of the items, but I love the look of everything in your photos.. so jealous.

  2. Well Emma! You will be happy to hear Fanmail Announced this today

    "We've got an exciting announcement! FanMail Favorites, one-time limited edition mystery boxes, are going on sale! One fandom will be be announced each day for the next week, starting tonight!

    Today's FanMail Favorites box is...Supernatural! Get this box for yourself or the Supernatural fan in your life!

    They're already going fast, so buy yours while supplies last:"

  3. This sounds like a pretty interesting box! With so many choices out there these days, it's hard to know who to give your money too!


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