Good afternoon all, M here again, this time with a non-nerdy box (shock!) that is probably going to save my Christmas shopping. Everyone, meet GlobeIn, GlobeIn, meet everyone. GlobeIn is a monthly subscription box that provides "highly curated, artisan-made products from around the world." They partner with small local businesses and provide a market for these artisans that they wouldn't otherwise have. What sold it for me, though, was that a prior box had included Kuli Kuli bars, which are made by an RPCV from Niger, where I served, and are made from delicious moringa (which is really called zogala (Hausa) or windiboondoo (Zarma) - kuli kuli is actually the Hausa word for dried peanut balls after the oil has been extracted, which are also delicious, but I digress...)

GlobeIn offers a monthly subscription for the Artisan Box at $35/month, 3 months for $99 (what I opted for), and 6 months for $180. Also, don't be like me and forget the coupon - WELCOME saves you 25% on any subscription (yes, I feel like an idiot) or BESTFRIEND saves you $20 on a 3+ month subscription (reference this blog, please). They also have a 1-item monthly Benefit Basket for $19.95 or you can buy any of the monthly boxes for $50, and their store carries a few of the individual items from the prior boxes as well. Shipping is included in the price of the box subscription (not the store), and they do ship to DPO. Plus, the box is very sturdy and compact, so it survived better than others did this month (see my GeekFuel review, and my NatureBox didn't look much better). 

I like their artwork, if you do too there's a print on their website
Boxes are curated around a theme. Past boxes have been 'Wander' or 'Picnic' - this month's was 'Wellness'. In honor of that, a portion of this month's subscriptions was given to Watsi, a non-profit "healthcare crowdsourcing platform" that makes me think of Kiva. Feel good and do good - sold. 

But enough chatter, on to the Wellness box itself! Each item had a story, told in the little booklet that I promptly misplaced so I'm winging it and cadging from their site. I'm sure I'll find the booklet when I packout. 
  • Each GlobeIn box comes with a neat woven basket from a women's cooperative in Oaxaca, Mexico. It's sturdy, and lovely craftmanship and colors. It's maybe 8 inches high by 6 inches in diameter (ish).  
  • Baobab Super Fruit Powder by Atacora from Benin (5.75 oz). If you've lived in West Africa, or read Le Petit Prince, you know the Baobab tree. I've had the juice before, but never the powder. It's slightly sweet, and I liked the taste, but it didn't want to rehydrate so rather than smooth juice I had clumpy baobab-water. I'll use this in smoothies (as recommended in the booklet I can't find) rather than by itself next time.
  • Lavender eye pillow made from fabric dyed by the Shipibo tribe of Peru. The photo doesn't do it justice as the design is incredibly intricate. It's a good weight and smells lovely. 
  • Waterproof (?) Blessing Bag made in Ghana by ABAN, a non-profit dedicated to empowering young mothers. The pouch is batik outside and recycled water sachets inside. Check out this video on how their products are made.
  • There was also a $5 certificate to Watsi, which I very carefully set aside and I'm fairly sure the cat decided to hide/destroy. *sigh* 
I'm not sure about the prices of anything, but I feel like I got my $33 worth, plus the good feeling coming from directly supporting artisans. Other sites valued the box at around $50. I also like that they have non-recurring gift subscriptions. I can think of at least two hard-to-shop-for families/friends that will be getting a gift subscription for Christmas. Socially conscious and saving my sanity during the holidays. GlobeIn scores well across the board, getting it top marks for value, appropriateness, and fun. I'm looking forward to October's box, 'Cozy,' which looks delightful as well. 

New GlobeIn customers can save $20 off their purchase of a 3- or 6-month Artisan Box subscription. Use code: BESTFRIEND (citing this blog would be appreciated but isn't necessary for the code to work :) )

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