We have blogged previously about Home Grown Collective and I still LOVE this box. Each month I learn so much about things I am clueless about and this month I got a new Cheese Grater!  AWESOME!

This month I learned more than I could imagine about facial soap and hand sanitizer. As you can imagine, living in Ghana we go through A LOT of both of these. First, in part due to the quantity of dust and second because you want to ensure whatever you com in contact gets washed away. "Store bought liquid hand soaps & face wash can be more of a hazard than a help. Last year, the FDA announced a bold new position on antibacterial soap: Manufacturers have to show tat it's both safe and more effective than simply washing with conventional soap and water...About 75 percent of liquid antibacterial soaps and 50% of  use a chemical called triclosan." This month's box was about eradicating this "No Bueno" chemical from your regime.

This month's box included shea butter, coconut oil, pure castile, vitamin E skin oil, gylcericn vegetable oil and essential oils for Tube Rose and Blood orange to create your own facial cleaning wipes, antibacterial soap, moisturizing face wash and had soap.

Apologies, I am super sick this week and wasn't up to taking photos while I did this month's projects, but they were all easy enough, but unlike this month's I spent WAY more time reading about the projects then doing them. More so than in previous boxes, I walked away KNOWING I will be reading the ingredients of facial washes and hand sanitizers prior to purchasing. Here are some of the project descriptions below. If you are interested in a green lifestyle and learning how you can better take care of your family check out this Green Box!

Homegrown Collective is 39.99 a month and $9 shipping, price drops to $105 for 3 months, $234 for 6 months with free shipping.  Military/diplomat discount below!

Overall out of 10, I give HomeGrown Collective a 9 on quality, 8 on cost, 9 on appropriate for me (I learned sooo much) and a 7 on fun.
MILITARY DISCOUNT: YES! Homegrown Collective has won the Dubinskys' Travels Gold Award for a 15% off ALL boxes for Military and Diplomat Communities.  Use coupon code: Military4.  Thanks for your support Homegrown Collective.

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Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes.


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