My Kinder Box gift subscription continues this month with another with another interesting box.  This one was a little random, but it did include a few different items that would be useful in different situations.

First up was this Bearded Brothers "Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla" energy bar ($3.49).  Bearded Brothers, based out of Austin, prides themselves on producing wholesome foods.  I'm not really into the non-GMO, raw, vegan, gluten, and soy free foods, but the energy was okay. I tasted the dates and the blueberry but not so much vanilla. For the 241 calories and 12 grams of fat, you're also consuming 8 grams or protein and 21 grams of sugar.  Extra points for the compostable wrapper, though.  I think I still prefer Quest bars and Whitney's Think Thin protein bars.

Next is the Dr. Squatch natural soap ($6.00).  I haven't tried this one yet, but, again, I'm not totally into the handcrafted all natural soaps.  It's nice, but I would never pay $6 for one bar of soap and doubt I could tell the difference.  For what it's worth, the soap has a strong pine smell.  

 I am intrigued by the Injinji performance 2.0 lightweight running socks ($12.00).  These socks say they have natural toe splay (translation: five separate toes), blister prevention, and moisture management.  Considering we live in the tropics and I got some bad blisters on our last hash run, these socks are seeming like a good addition to the box. 
Kinder Box sent me another knife this month.  This Combat Ready Knifes knife ($7.99) comes with a disclaimer that it's meant to be used by military, law enforcement, and security professionals.  So it's less of a tool and more of a defense weapon. I don't know what to think of that. I'm not going to start carrying a knife for defense and recent boxes have included multipurpose tools with smaller blades. The price also makes me feel like it might end up being a little cheap. Still, I suppose this is the type of item I would expect from a man's box.

Finally, some more camping equipment.  The Instafire Fire Starter (3-pack for $4.49; average cost of $1.50 each) lights up to four fires and can burn up to 1000 degrees.  The packaging also says that you can use it for a campfire, fireplace, cooking, or charcoal.  We've been talking about going camping for a long time so hopefully this motivates us to actually pull out the tents and see how LJ likes sleeping outside.  I can also use it on windier days in the fire pit or if we want to make s'mores after it rains. 
KinderBox costs $32.50 per box for a 3-month subscription.

I give this KinderBox (out of 10) an 6.5 on quality, 7 on cost (I'm calculating $30.98 for the box), 6 on appropriate for me, and 6 on fun. If nothing else, Kinder Box is hitting the mark on forcing me to try new products.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: KinderBox Now offers a 10% discount for military/diplomats. Email for the coupon code.


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