Sometime this past spring, about 7 months into our posting in Ghana, I ran out of craft supplies. More importantly, I ran out of ideas. Let’s be honest — I am not the most crafty person. I can follow instructions just as well as the next mom BUT to come up with an idea from random household objects is just not my forte.  

Enter the Kiwi Crate: for about $30 (Canadian price including shipping), every month I get a little kit with a couple of specific crafts/craft supplies. This is brilliant on a number of levels. Not only does it solve the creativity crisis but it also solves the problem of living in Sub-Saharan Africa, where dollar stores and Michaels do not exist. On multiple occasions I have found some cute craft online and found I could only purchase half the supplies here. I have also learned that keeping a crate handy is a great way to solve a rainy day challenge. In my case, rather than rain it is usually a “my husband has deserted me with the crazies on an afternoon” challenge.. but I digress.

This weekend I desperately needed an activity so I pulled out the Kiwi Crate we received a couple of weeks ago. It was an adorable little lemonade stand kit. The children were enthusiastic and immediately set to work putting it together (with a little help from mom). The kit included a little chalkboard, all the required items to build a cash register and materials to make a chalkboard eraser resembling a lemon.  Once completed, they whipped up some lemonade only to find they lacked customers. Since they cannot set a stand up on the street (for so many reasons) they cajoled the guards and housekeeper into becoming customers with their play money. However, with mom and dad, they somehow convinced us to fork over real money… Clearly, I am a bit of a push-over. 

I had assumed this craft would be put aside after the initial excitement wore off, but that morning the kids immediately set to work organizing their little stand. I cannot even count how many batches of lemonade were made to support this little business. I think this kiwi crate has been one of our favourite craft kits: my favourite because it kept them busy; and their favourite because the got to take a bunch of my money.   

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Sophie Price is a member of the Canadian Diplomatic core and is excited to be dragged down the hole of subscription boxes.


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