More Halloween fun! This month's theme for LitCube was "Supernatural." I had thought it was specifically to the concept of Supernatural, but now I see it is both the concept AND the TV show. Between this and Fanmail, I am drowning in Supernatural stuff. (Perhaps I should watch the show). Full unboxing video at the end.

The book this month was Ken Nolan's "The Spawn" ($14.12). It has 4 stars on Amazon. "Rosemary's Baby from the husband's point of view written by an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter. The Spawn plunges the reader into a world of shadows, secrets, and growing, unspeakable horror." Spooky and perfect for the box theme and Halloween. Now it is a paperback and doesn't seem to have a best seller accolade. 

The next large item in the box was an E-reader holder that reads "Books: my drug of choice." It is a cute holder and concept. Sadly I do all my e-reading on my phone or IPad so I don't own one that fits in this. Cute idea ($9)

The next item in this month's LitCube were following the literal Supernatural theme: the first is an exclusive 3" Supernatural Button. ($2.49) I am sure it made all Supernatural fans day! For me its going in a drawer. Also is the card with the Lit Cube art.

Next and also on "theme" was the "Always keep fighting" key chain ($7.99). Sadly mine arrived in multiple pieces and broken :(  This item which was specially designed for Supernatural fans is a tribute to the mental health awareness cause Actor Jared Padalecki promotes.  The last large item was a set of three nail polishes for Halloween. Litcube prices these at $13.99 but I am going to price them closer to $9.99.

The above pictures the little items in this month's Supernatural box including 3 QR books which are free on amazon, a button for one of them and some candy.

LitCube is $21.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling and ships APO. If my calculations and ballparks are correct, the total value on this box was 43.61, which is an improvement over previous boxes.

Out of 10 I give the LitCube for October a 7 on quality, 8 on cost, 4 on appropriate for me and an 6 on fun! LitCube ships APO and hasn't responded on a military discount.

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