It is no secret that I love to shop. And I mean love. Unfortunately my love of fashion, beauty and whimsical things for my children got left behind when I signed on to development work and the Canadian foreign service. Residing in Ghana means there are few opportunities to get my hands on new products or accessories, hence my general elation upon discovering I could have surprise boxes sent to me every month. This month, I received my very first beauty box: Petit Vour. It is a natural beauty box option… all the nice words: vegan, cruelty free, paraben free etc. Basically enough positivity to make you feel like you are doing the planet some good by shopping. For $15 USD you get four products each month based on your “beauty profile” (thanks to a little survey you fill out). 

Aside: At the very sad current exchange rate this box costs about $20 plus another $10 in shipping to cross the border into Canada (whatever happened to all those nice trade deals?!?). Yes, I shipped a box from Texas to Ottawa and then had it forwarded to me half way around the world. It’s truly an international shopping experience.

Now back to the box. The box itself is an adorable bright pink, and with black paper to keep the products safe; opening it was like getting a birthday present from a girlfriend. This box threw me for a bit of a loop — I fell in love with two of the products, but not the two I was expecting. My four products included:

Blissoma Cleanser: Based on the description, I thought I was going to love this product but in the end, it was really just ok. I found my face felt pretty dry after using. I wouldn't throw it out but I probably wouldn't buy it either. I will hold on to the travel size bottle for weekend trips.  
Elate Lipstick: This is a full-size lipstick in the most adorable packaging. I almost never wear lipstick and I thought this was going to be a wasted product on me. I was totally surprised; i received a great neutral colour ("Lively") that feels like a nice moisturizing lip balm. I planned to add it to my beauty routine in the morning, leaving it on my dressing table but it is now in my purse because I decided I wanted it with me. I will definitely be purchasing this item.

Mahalo Pele Mask: This sample was truly a sample — one time use. For this product you have to mix a powder with water. Unfortunately, mine came out a little runnier than intended. I was hoping this would be an amazing mask, because I frequently find a combination of West African dust and sweat leaves my skin feeling like it needs a good deep clean. Sadly, I was a little disappointed. I couldn't even pretend the mask did any of the age-defying things it claimed in the advertising. I really don’t think I would buy the full size at $64.

MSC Skin Care Exfoliating Body Scrub: The scrub provided was enough for two or three full body experiences. Initially, I thought this was a little silly; it is a basic sugar scrub with essential oil. I thought ‘oh I could make this myself, what a waste of money’ BUT when I pulled it out in the shower I changed my mind. I will absolutely buy this product! The scent — grapefruit and spearmint — is perfectly mixed and the combination of oil and sugar is just right; not too runny, not too thick but just right for scrubbing off the dust and sweat. 

All in all, I would say Petit Vour is a win for me. I am really happy, almost ecstatic, with the full-size lipstick. Although the face wash and mask weren’t really for me, I had fun trying them out. The products seem to be high quality and if I were American I think I would be content with the value-for-money (with the extra costs associated with shipping and exchange rate, I felt the value was fine but not amazing). I will be holding on to this subscription, if only to pretend I have a spa to go to once a month.  

Petit Vour is $15 a month for USA and $23 a month for Canada.
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Sophie Price is a member of the Canadian Diplomatic core and is excited to be dragged down the hole of subscription boxes.


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