StrengthCrate has been nailing it.  We just got our second awesome box in a row (unboxing video at the bottom).  First, I want to update you on a previous box.  Whitney has been using the fitness band almost daily to improve pull up strength.  I've officially tried the liquid chalk, which works well.  Tonight, I finally tried the portable kettle bell.  It was a pain in the ass to fill up, but it then felt just like a kettle bell.  If I can figure out how to fill it easier, it's going to become a staple of every TDY trip.
This month, StrengthCrate included a box full of useful and convenient items. The first item was about 15 packets of french toast-flavored Infitnitude whey protein.  Whitney has been mixing half a pouch into her oatmeal, and I plan to start making protein fruit smoothies.  The whey protein was surprisingly good, and we have enough packets to last about a month at our current rate.  A 30-serving bottle goes for $40 on the company's website, so the value of these packets will is roughly $20.
The next item is probably the most complex we've gotten from StrengthCrate so far. The Jits Grips training system is meant to help with grip strength and stamina. The company's website shows someone pulling a pickup truck with them. From watching videos, it looks like they work best in the gym with different equipment. I'll need to actually bring them to the gym, but I see the advantage. My grip usually fatigues first when doing deadlifts. Jits Grips sell for $50.
To go with grip training, we also got about 6 rolls of athletic tape.The tape helps prevents blisters on your knuckles when training.  Each variety pack sells for $10.00.

Hands down, my favorite part of this box was the Lifeline portable chin up system. These guys fit over a standard door and are exactly what they look like. The door does have to be closed, so no kipping or cheating on your pull ups or chin ups. We tried them out and they felt more solid than those pull up bars we used to try to put in a door frame. They're also really small and convenient for travelling. They sell for $20, which makes me wonder why I didn't buy them years ago. Maybe then I would be able to do more than an embarrassingly small number of pull ups.
Finally, we have this bottle of wodwelder odor crusher cleaning spray. There isn't much to say about. Get your gear sweaty, spray it down, and its clean. The 26.5 ounce bottle sells for $9.95.
We got the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) crate, which sells for $75 plus shipping and handling. Out of 10, I give StrengthCrate a 10 on quality , 10 on cost (I found the products online for about $120.00, 10 on appropriate for us and 10 on fun. The box impressed us and seemed to impress our house guests who helped us try some of the products.
MILITARY DISCOUNT: StrengthCrate has won our Gold Award. Take advantage of $10 off S&H for all APO/FPO addresses (first order) and Active Duty Military get 5% off their order (Code PTSTRONG15)

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