As you know I love supporting small businesses. As an Economist in a developing I know that these businesses are the back bone of an economy, but also they spur cultural thought and diversity. This month's Crafty Mail box not only supports small businesses, but also provides the subscriber with cute homemade items for a great cause. (Full Unboxing below)

The box itself helps you "experience the world of handmade in a monthly box with samples from 10-15 shops differing monthly?! There will be at least one full size product included that will change monthly as well! Ships to US, Canada & Australia." Naturally, they also ship APO!

So, what was in the box? 
The Party Fox Gift Tags ($2.50) When I unboxed I thought this was a bookmark, but its a gift tag. I am not sure this is something I would pick up in a store because it is not my taste, but in Ghana I am not sure I would ever find such well made gift tags.
Byrdie's Handmade Decor Love Painting ($12) This was a full size canvas painting. The etsy store has a lot of these types of paintings and I am sure they would make a great wall mural. I have already placed mine on my makeup table and it looks great. I think $12 is a high price, but it is a thick and nice canvas painting
Sip. Simmer. Serve. Decal ($3) It's a decal. I don't know what I am going to do with it exactly I am going to do with it, but it would be great on a gift for someone feeling down.
B's Bubbles and Balms Pink Sugar Soap ($3) YAY fun soap.  For those of you who have read my reviews of Fortune Cookie soap, I love these little decorative soaps. I think this one was great for the theme and I have already used it. It smells great!

Nathali and Co Ribbon Decal ($3) Nail Decals are fun! This was two in one too because there was also a ribbon decal included! Perfect to get me motivated to wrap up a nice pink gift.
Crafty Cousins SC Cotton Candy Scrub ($4) The smell of this scrub was awesome and the scrub itself wasn't too grainy. I was concerned it would be hard on my face, but it was in fact nice!
Bionca Waller Hair Ties ($6.50) Ok, now sadly the clip broke getting it off the paper :( so quality on that was a tad low, BUT I currently have the hair tie in my hair. I love how these fabric ties keep my hair from breaking
Kiper Creations Earrings ($2) I realize this photo is sub par, but you can see them more clearly in the unboxing video below. To be frank, I wont wear these. They are just a couple beads on an earring unless I was cheering someone on at a breast cancer awareness walk, I wouldn't put them on. But that is my taste.

Wine Wife Happy Life Wine Charms ($2.55) These are super cute and help you identify your wine glass in a sea of uncertainty. We have a collection of these building up and I am ALWAYS looking for more.
Studio SL2 DIY Paper Ornament Kit ($5) So this is a craft kit (I haven't put it together yet but you can see the final product at the Etsy shop). I mean its essentially round paper, but I do like that a small craft product was included
Italian Momma Designs Tile Magnet ($2) At first I was put off by the tile, but then I realized its a pink magnet. The magnet is sturdy and isn't falling off the fridge, so it is a cute way to brighten our fridge
To-Do List: ($6.50) This was hands down my favorite item in the box. I am always looking for ways to improve my organizational skills. This pad is already sitting right next to me at the computer. First write Crafty Mail blog post...

Since the items in this box vary, please also check out Imonatree Review site to see additional items. Overall, I am impressed with the box and this months cause. Out of 10, I give this box a 6 on quality (they aren't the HIGHEST quality items but there are A LOT of them), 10 on cost (I priced this out at $49.05!!!!), 7 on appropriate for me and 10 on fun. I had no idea what to expect from Crafty Mail so it was fun to unbox. I also love when boxes support a cause and proceeds from this one went to breast cancer awareness.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes


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