I carry stress in my eyes.  Seriously you can instantly look at my face and tell how much I slept the night before or how much anxiety I am feeling. The under part of my eye gets larger and larger.  I will say that the Eyes product from ToGoSpa has greatly reduced the puffiness on days when my toddler refuses to sleep

With that, I am super excited for this month's ToGoSpa and the introduction for their "mini" box. The mini box is $25 a month!

This box includes both the ToGoSpa EYES  which provide instant, cooling relief for your tired, dry and aging eyes and their Benefit product.
In the box were two of the eye packs with four eye collagen or 2 treatments in each. The coconut one has a great smell and the green tea is SHOCKINGLY effective.

In additon this month I got a bottle of EuroSpa Pure Eucalyptus Shower Spray. The spray is 100% Eucalyptus oil. You are meant to turn on the hot water, wait for steam to billow, spray several sprays into the steam and enjoy a spa "steam-room" experience. The product retails for over $30 on with a score of 4.7.

Overall I remain incredibly impressed with the quality and consistency of the products in this box. Overall out of 10, I give ToGoSpa Mini box a 10 on quality, a 10 on cost, a 8 on appropriate for me and a 9 on fun (its like a discount spa experience).

Also, ToGoSpa offers a great Military/ Diplomat Discount. With coupon code SAVE15 you can get 15% off all purchases!!  Thanks sooo much ToGoSpa for supporting our community.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes


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