Yup! You figured me out, I read YA. Something about BRAINLESS reading is soothing when you are drinking wine and trying to relax from a full day of work and a toddler screaming at you. Divergent series CHECK, Mortal Instruments CHECK, Hunger Games Naturally, Maze Runner YUP, you name it and I have finished it. Not proud, but CERTAINLY not ashamed. So YA Fanmail box, BRING IT ON! (Full Unboxing Video at the end)

For those of you new to the blog, Fanmail is a Nerd/ Geek Sub box for Ladies by Ladies!
The first items were two Hunger Games greeting cards, which appear to come out of this box set ($6). Fun idea I suppose, but who exactly am I going to send a Hunger Games card to? Dear Mom, May the odds ever be in your favor, Love, Your Darling Daughter). I guess if its a filler item its good.

Now I got not one but two articles of clothing in this month's box! I LOVED the Hunger Games Beanie ($14.49). I will be wearing it on an upcoming trip to the cold. And equally awesome was the Ollivanders exclusive Tshirt ($15). I think its great that there is an exclusively designed item this month. It shows off the creativity of the box curators!
The first piece of jewelry was a GREAT Shield of Athena necklace from the Percy Jackson series ($24). I have to be honest, this is one of the first pieces in my fanmail box that I think is completely day to day wearable. I like that its an homage to YA while still being something that goes with my regular clothing. The other jewelry piece "A series of Unfortunate Events VFD Eye Hand Chain" ($21.78) (also completely wearable) is a stretch to the reference. The insignia of the organization in the series appears to be an eye, made up of the letters 'V,' 'F,' and 'D.' (which this one DOES NOT). The actual eye is pictured below.
The smaller items included temporary tattoos from Divergent and Maze Runner (not pictured) ($2) and bookmarks from Beedoo.To Etsy store. This store is ALL the rage in subscription boxes. Now these two items were meant to be EXCLUSIVE to the Fanmail box but sadly, appear to be onsale on Beedoo for $3.50 each. Also I received the bonus Twilight Item a Twilight Apple Clip Stand ($3)..YAY!
There was also a lot of smaller items in the box that were fun. In celebration of Halloween there were two comics and an additional Claudia Gray Bookmark and Poster.
Fanmail is $21.99 + $6 shipping and ships APO/DPO.
Overall, I really did enjoy this month's Fanmail. The value really was there. Out of 10 I give it an 8 on quality (mainly for the Athena Necklace and Shirt), a 10 on value (I calculated $93 WOW!), an 8 on appropriate for me and 10 on fun! Sadly my box was soaked...silly DPO!


  1. Hi Whitney!! So glad that you liked a lot of the items this month, it was a great month's theme! I did want to clarify about our relationship with Beedooto who made the magnetic bookmarks! We ask them to design for us exclusive bookmarks, that our subscribers receive before they are available on their shop, and then after our reveal, we allow them to post the designs to their shop! This is specifically because we understand that designing can take a lot of time and effort, and so we want to continue to support Kat & Derek past our initial exclusive order!! This way when others see how awesome their bookmarks are, they can go get their own and help Kat & Derek fund their wedding as well :) Hope this makes sense to you, and thanks again for being with us from the beginning!!!


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