A commenter recently read my review where I announced I was cancelling Bombfell and suggested I give Five Four Club a try. He also sent me his referral code, and I got half off my first box. I'm pretty susceptible to half off deals so I went online, filled out my style profile and waited for my clothes to arrive. Five Four Club sent me a button down shirt and a pair of pants. I wouldn't say the shirt is work appropriate, but it goes well with the pants and is different than what I would normally buy. The shirt is mostly white but kind of fades into the color of the pants. The pants are also a little more slim-fitting than I normally like. This is me trying new things.

Five Four Club costs $60/month and also has a pretty hipster-looking store on their website. It looks like you get two items a month based on the style you select. I think I like my first box, but I do have some complaints. You cannot preview your clothes and then you can only return them based on size issues. The pants are also standard lengths so it guarantees that I have to tailor or cuff every single pair that they send. I'd rather not be forced to visit Kofi every month if I don't have to. 

Five Four Club is $60 every month ($30 for the first month if you click the link in this post). Overall, out of 10, I give Five Four Club an 8 on quality, 7 on cost (not bad for pants and shirt but points off for monthly tailor trips), 7 on appropriate for me (again, I have short legs that don't go with long pants), and 5 on fun.

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