As this blog indicates, we also write about...our travels. This week the family and I are headed to South Africa. I am presenting and attending a USAID conference and we decided to all go and visit Cape Town together. We also will be celebrating LJ's 3rd birthday!

I started pulling together bags and it cracked me up how much time and effort goes into packing. Instead of spending hours choosing clothes and makeup, I am left staring at our tablet ensuring I have plenty of NEW Daniel Tiger, Bubble Guppies and UmiZoomi. I also have to ensure I have access to Tuk Tuk, Blanket and Pillow (we have creative names) if I want the toddler to get any sleep on the "overnight flight." 

Must pack a cadre of medications I might need like baby tylenol, baby mentholated strips OH and special toddler mosquito spray and sunscreen. At least the amount of these have gone down since he was a baby, BUT now I must have a good selection of toys (trains, puzzles, crayons and coloring books). And PLEASE whatever I do, I can't forget Esse (think blankie but with an elephant head)

Did I pack myself underwear? Shoot!

Also, we may not post much next week, but keep an eye out for new videos and exciting pictures!


  1. Travel safe! (And don't forget the underwear! !)

  2. Have a great time! Cape Town is absolutely breathtakingly amazing!


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