One of the greatest thrills in the Foreign Service is the day your "bid list" comes out. For those of you new to our lifestyle this is the list of all the positions open to you at your level around the world. And this morning, that happened for Andrew (mine is slightly different and our situations is complicated and besides the point).

The moment I opened the bid list I was hit with options all around the world of places open to my family. But at the forefront of my mind will always be my family's safety. I recall the night before my first flag day (assignment) eating dinner with my mom discussing all the possibilities of where we could go and remember her getting incredibly upset with the concept of us living in the Middle East. I understand the trepidation given the frequency of attacks and the press those attacks get.

However, if on that same day my mom got upset, would she have teared up at the thought of Paris or Bangkok (where we ended up getting posted). Each of these locations is dear to me as I have traveled to both and both have been hit with viscous attacks in the last 6 months. 

Whether by ISIS or another militant group I have come to the realization that anywhere has its risks. A movie theater in the US, a Buddhist shrine in Asia, or even the Eiffel Tower itself, but can we miss out on the experiences each of these places might hold. In Bangkok, I walked by the shrine that was bombed weekly, it was close to the Bagel place Andrew loved.  Was I supposed to not get bagels?

We cannot and should not live our lives in fear. I refuse to not go to the movies in the US and I refuse to not have the world at my feet because radicals and those who do not value human life live among us. So whether its the Middle East, Europe or more time in West Africa, I am going to be open to the world.

Also as an aside, we love and want to show our support to our friends and armed forces responding to the recent attacks. LOVE.  All we have in our family is LOVE,


  1. Love this post! Thank You Guys for Your Service! :) The world is big and beautiful and threats and fears shouldn't keep up from seeing it!

  2. I so appreciate you and this post, Whitney, love to you and your family!


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