I think this is the last of my 6-month Kinder Box trial, and maybe one of the most useful.  To me, Kinder Box is a good concept and works in theory, but usually tends to be more idealized for outdoorsy, rural men as opposed to more urban dwellers like me.  This box had more items that I could see myself using more regularly than some of the other five boxes I received.

As usual, this box included a couple easy to carry tools. As you can see below, the DoohicKey key tool ($4.99) fits on your key chain and has a box cutter, bottle opener, wrench (1/4", 5/16", and 3/8"), ruler, and flat head screwdriver. NightIze also claims that it is TSA friendly. I think different boxes had different versions of the Readyman Survivor Card. My box had the wilderness survival card ($24.95), but they also make hostage escape, emergency vehicle access, and AR15 tuneup cards. So some of these might be more of a novelty or in the prepper sphere than anything else because nobody ever needs an AR-15 outside of a war zone. However, we do tend to live in and visit some of the beaten path places so I do appreciate having this card. 

This box also featured a Rothco microfiber towel ($18.99), Skout pumpkin seeds ($3.99), and Doc Spartan ointment ($4.99).  The microfiber towel is hard to find on the local economy, the pumpkin seeds will be a nice afternoon snack, and the Doc Spartan ointment will be a nice comparison to the Winnie's Rip Fix in this month's Strength Crate. 

KinderBox costs $32.50 per box for a 3-month subscription.

I give this KinderBox (out of 10) an 8 on quality, 10 on cost (I'm calculating $57.91 for the box), 7 on appropriate for me, and 8 on fun. 

MILITARY DISCOUNT: KinderBox Now offers a 10% discount for military/diplomats. Email for the coupon code.


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