They did it. They lured me in with Bill and Ted's. I haven't been very interested in Loot Crate because it's mostly collectibles, and I don't generally like the idea of collecting things to sit on a shelf before packing them up every few years and moving across the world. That being said, Bill and Ted's is an all time favorite and the T-shirt sucked me in. Back to the Future was also enticing. So let's unbox this thing.
Not only was it Bill and Ted, but it was a T-shirt - something wearable that will not sit on a shelf. I've actually worn this a few times already, and if you look closely at our South Africa facebook pictures, the Wyld Stallyns made an appearance. I found a similar item on cafe press for $16.95.

The next item, a miniature to-scale replica of the Bttf hoverboard fits firmly into the sit-on-a-shelf category. It's a cool little item and might make it onto my desk at work, It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but the hoverboard is mounted on top of a mirror and looks like it's floating. It's a fun item and might entertain at times. I've seen it online for around $13.
Also from Back to the Future is this Dr. Brown Funko Pop. Those of you that follow the blog know that Whitney has become slightly obsessed with Funko Pops. I haven't seen this item since I opened the box and can only assume it's on her desk at work. The box labels this as a Loot Crate exclusive. I found a similar pop on Amazon for $8.37.

Finally, there was this spork from Dr. Who (more like Dr. Boo, amirite? Sorry couldn't help myself). I've actually never seen Dr. Who and am not sure I know what it is. Maybe I'm not that kind of nerd, but a friend had to explain to me what sonic spork meant. I think the nerd/geek subscription boxes are going through some sort of Dr. Who fatigue because it seems like every box has something from the series. Meh. The spork is $15.47 on Amazon.

Loot Crate is $19.95 a month and ships APO/DPO. I'm not a Loot Crate subscriber, and I don't think I'll become one, but this box was mostly fun.

Overall, out of 10, I give Loot Crate a 7 on quality, a 10 on cost (I calculate roughly $53.79), and a 6 on both fun and appropriate for me. I took off a few points on quality, fun, and appropriate for more Dr. Who items. 

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