Well its official, its Christmas in Africa. Every major department store across the continent is in full Xmas swing. In fact, it began a couple months ago. In Africa, there is no Halloween or Thanksgiving to buffer the Christmas so decorations went up in our local Walmart style store in October.  One holiday box I looked forward to the MOST was the Xmas My Bakers Box

The first items included in this month's box were "sturdy tin plated" cookie cutters that are meant to be used for sugar cookies. The gingerbread man was 3 inches, the Christmas tree was 5 inches with a handles and the snowflake was 4 inches with a handle. To be honest, these items irked me slightly. I think my thought process was as follows: if you are ordering MBB you are most likely at least a slightly experienced baker and as such you own these rather normal cookie cutters.  I went to my pantry and counted that I owned already 2 Gingerbread men, 1 tree and 3 snowflakes and seriously, I am NOT even a "baker." 

The next items were a set of Americolor Food Coloring ($3.25) and an 8 oz squeeze bottle with a fine icing tip ($6.79). The food colorings are made of a soft gel paste packaged in squeeze bottles with a flip-top lid. I got Leaf Green and Sky Blue.The squeeze dispenser bottle is meant to be used with chocolate molds or for decorating with chocolate. The bottle is made of microwave safe plastic for melting chocolate directly in the bottle. Includes a small-holed plastic tip for dispensing the chocolate. It is also GREAT to be used with royal icing rather than the mess of a piping bag.

The final two items were Christmas Tree Cello Bags with 12 ties ($7.08)  and a 2 oz jar of white sugar pearls ($3.50?). I like the bags and oddly they were the highlight of the box for me.  Every year I make fudge, and these bags are PERFECT for that. The white pearls are good for the snowflake cookie cutters if you use a blue royal icing, but as a baking element they are sorta hard to eat.

As a whole I was super disappointed with this month's box. I look to this box for out of the box fun holiday baking and this seemed like something I could put together. And sadly included a lot of items I already owned. Given that this was the box I most looked forward to this month I felt very let downMy Bakers Box is $25 for one month, $66 for three months, $114 for 6 months and $228 for 12 months.

Overall, out of 10, I give the Xmas My Bakers Box a 6 on quality for the complaints above, 6 on cost (30.62), 8 on appropriate for me (I can't get any of this here in Ghana) and 10 on fun. 

MILITARY/DIPLOMAT DISCOUNT: My Bakers Box has offered a $5.00 off all subscriptions for military and diplomatic communities with the coupon code MILBOX at checkout. Thanks My Bakers Box.


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