Now that Halloween has passed we can all turn our focus to Thanksgiving! Thankfully I am super pumped my November My Bakers Box already arrived so I can begin planning the feast I will put together in Ghana. As you can imagine, Thanksgiving in Ghana takes a lot of PLANNING and now I have some fun ideas!
I was really excited and impressed by the items in this month's box. If you recall in my last review I was critical of MBB for not really providing a large quantity of anything, however this month is more things that can be used over and over for the fall.

The first item was Round Fluted Cookie Cutter ($5.49), I suppose this works for mini pie crusts, but will probably come in handy most for Christmas. I suppose you could do fall colors on it. Next were 12 Brown Straws ($4) available as "Paper Straws Chocolate Brown- Box of 50" priced at $10.98. I have been having DISASTERS with cake pops lately, so I am going to have to think of another fun use for these.

My favorite item in this box was Mini Leaf Pastry and Cookie Stamp ($3.07) appears to be out of this set of four "R & M International 499 Pastry/Cookie/Fondant Stamper, Autumn/Fall - Assorted Leaves and Acorn." I think I can get a lot of use out of this with mini cookies, but also as likely with orange fondant on cupcakes for Thanksgiving.

I didn't get to get a photo of the actual Leavas Sugar Dec Ons ($4) but there are these "Lucks Dec-Ons Molded Sugar Cake Top, Shimmer Leaves, 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 Inch, 138 Count" that sells for ($51.88)

Chocolate candy coating from Merckens ($3) which is a favorite among home candy makers as well as professional candy makers. Its low melting temperature makes them easy to handle so you can create delicious homemade candies with a professional look. Cocoa lite is a delicious, smooth and creamy milk chocolate flavored confectionery candy coating with no waxy taste. (Cocoa "Lite" represents light colored chocolate, not fewer calories or fat). 6-8% cocoa. The product has 4.5 stars on Amazon. Lite Chocolate...hahah!

Cross box promotion! RawSpiceBar is another sub box that sends out monthly boxes of portioned & pre-measured spices that are freshly ground spices (far fresher than the supermarket). This one was Pumpkin Pie Spice. Nicely MBB included a recipe for mini pumpkin pies I am going to use the spice for. Super excited to try this! ($4?)

Sadly it would appear that my box was missing the quins (sprinkles) :(

My Bakers Box is $25 for one month, $66 for three months, $114 for 6 months and $228 for 12 months.
Overall, out of 10, I give My Bakers Box a 7 on quality for the complaints above, 4 on cost (23.56), 8 on appropriate for me (I can't get any of this here in Ghana) and 10 on fun. 

MILITARY/DIPLOMAT DISCOUNT: My Bakers Box has offered a $5.00 off all subscriptions for military and diplomatic communities with the coupon code MILBOX at checkout. Thanks My Bakers Box.


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