StrengthCrate day at the DPO has become one of the days of the month we look forward to the most.  We wrote last month about how much we like this box.  This month, StrengthCrate continued to provide amazing value for portable equipment.  

This month, our G.O.A.T.  Crate featured the Body Wrench, a combination foam roller, lacrosse ball, beaded stick, and slider. You can use this equipment for to warm up muscles, strength exercises, cool downs, and self massages. This product alone, with bag and instructional DVD sells for $85.

Next up were two pairs of Moxy socks.  The socks are ventialted mesh that provide compression but remain breathable.  They also provide protection during rope climbs.  Our Crate came with "the Ultimate Grenade" knee-high ($10.95) and "More Kettlebell" deadlift socks (also $10.95). The designs are fun and the socks are made with high-quality material. More importantly, they are an item I kind of knew I needed but have not actually went out and bought yet.

I'm excited for the Winnie's Rip Fix ($12.00) because Whitney always complains that kettlebells and barbells chew up my hands too much. Indeed, Winnie's FAQ confirms that the product will make me more desirable because she doesn't want to touch hard, callused hands.  Apparently, though, this balm is also good for chapped lips, rashes, eczema, rough feet, blemishes, dry skin, scabs, and minor burns.  I'll probably leave it for just my hands, but that is a lot of use out of a little tin. 

Finally, our crate also came with a jar of BPI Sports strawberry cake whey protein. We're still working on the whey protein samples from last month, but with fresh fruit so cheap, protein shakes are an added bonus of living in Ghana. A two-pound jar sells for $36.95.  We got a 6.5-ounce sampler (5 servings) so I'll value the whey protein at $7.50.

This month, out of 10, I give StrengthCrate a 9 on quality, 10 on cost (The G.O.A.T. crate costs $75 plus shipping; I found the products online for about $126.40), 10 on appropriate for us, and 9 on fun. I consistently give StrengthCrate such high marks because it is the only box that I actually use every item many times. I had a great Crossfit box in Alexandria, and even though our gym here is pretty good, I haven't been able to continue all my workouts the same way. StrengthCrate is helping me at the gym, at home, and on vacation. 

MILITARY DISCOUNT: StrengthCrate has won our Gold Award. Take advantage of $10 off S&H for all APO/FPO addresses (first order) and Active Duty Military get 5% off their order (Code PTSTRONG15).

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