Yesterday was American Thanksgiving. For those of you who didn't know Canada also has a Thanksgiving in October, so this year I began using the term "American Thanksgiving." Call it the effect of new Canadian friends. This years Thanksgiving was a mix of small wins and small West African loses.

I truly feel the last decade of our lives is oddly summarized by out Thanksgiving table (s). First, thanks to an African Batik stylist, our table was fitted out with an amazingly beautiful new tablecloth and napkins. Oddly the Ghanaian woman included clipart of pineapples in the pattern, but I am told in West Africa they represent gratefulness so...add a pineapple. If you look closely you can see the multi colored turkeys

Also on this years table is a lantern we bought in Thailand with a peacock which I decided looked enough like a turkey to be this year's centerpiece. Also joining the table from Thailand is the set of pressed stainless steel I collected in our time there (serving pieces and napkin rings). 

And finally, as my mom will be happy to note, is my federal platinum Lenox Wedding China which has traveled around the world with us.

In addition, we had a kids table, which also included the Batik napkin (turkey included), fresh flowers from my vegetable garden and a special seat for our son.

All the food turned out ok. Andrew even made candied meat (AMAZING). Sadly the Macy's Day Parade was eaten by awful Ghanaian internet service so we didn't enjoy too much of it.

As I have mentioned in our blog, we were hit pretty hard by the events in Paris and Bamako so this year I was grateful for safety of everyone I know around the world. In addition, we are going to the US in less than a week and as I got hit by a wave of homesickness I am happy we will see literally ALL of our family!

Happy American Thanksgiving from my family to your!


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