I love my Wantable Makeup. Seriously it has become my favorite of subscriptions. In the past couple of month's I have done crazy clown and monkey makeup and have done fancy looks for several balls and events. I love that I can count on my Wantable Makeup to keep me up to date and on trend from West Africa.

The first item this month was the Mica Beauty Moisturizer ($44). The MICA company and Wantable are BFF. I thought it was light and a nice moisturizer. I couldn't find many online reviews but what I did find were really positive.

Next were two fun eye products were Eyetini Eye Cordial in Frothe ($18) and an Ofra Eye Pencil in Navyish ($13). The Eyetini product reminds me of the eye base I use by Urban Decay. It is less matte, but an interesting new product. The eye pencil's color is a tad odd.  Is navy eye liner in? It goes on easy and I am a fan of the company.

Eddie Funkhouse is another popular Wantable brand. I have a couple eyeliners from them that I really like. Included this month was their Chromographic lip color ($12). It went on nicely and is a great work appropriate neutral color.

The last item was a great red colored nail polish from Ella + Mika ($10.50). From their site "In addition to being chip-resistant, quick dry and high shine, Ella+Mila nail colors contain no Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor, making it a five chemical-free product. But the advantages don't end there! Ella+Mila polishes are also cruelty-free, vegan with PeTA certification and proudly made in the USA." Its a nice color and all the animal stuff is cool :)

Overall I give this month's Wantable Makeup a 7 on quality, 9 on cost ($97.50 almost solely due to the moisturizer), 7 on appropriate for me  and 8 on fun!

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