I am a theatre junkie. I did musical and regular theatre all through HS and college. In fact, I ran my own theatre company, shout out to the still running GW University, 14th Grade Players! When I found that a "Thespian Subscription Box" had opened I did a full on Happy Dance, cabbage patch and all. (Unboxing Video at the Bottom)
Yeti & Biggs is $14 a month and includes items themed on a different play, musical, or playwright. You'll receive 3 to 4 handpicked items related to the theme. This month, as it was October, was The Rocky Horror Show. Yay Halloween related themes!

The first item was the actual script version of Rocky Horror ($12.98). Fun. Truthfully, I don't see myself sitting down to read the actual show. This book seems to be from the silver anniversary so that caused me to increase the price a tad. In addition, included was a lips pin ($.50).

The other items was a reproduction of a 1970s Rocky Horror Poster. This was a nice reproduction and arrived in nice condition.
Overall, I was slightly underwhelmed. The price on this box is incredibly low, but I would be willing to pay a tad more for more quality. Out of 10, I give the box a 4 on quality, an 8 on cost, a 7 on appropriate for me and a 6 on fun!  Such potential!


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