It is the be big weekend. Star Wars releases this weekend and along that end this month's box celebrates the release by taking us to the stars. This month's FanMail Box, a subscription box for lovely lady geeks is themed: Wars Among the Stars!

Overall I had mixed feelings on this box. I loved the genres and fandoms they picked up from for this box, but less so on the items included for the genres.

The first item was the T-shirt ($15). Don't get me wrong, HUGE fan of Guardians of the Galaxy and love me some Groot, but personally I don't see wearbility in this shirt outside of pajamas. I hope the box really starts considering not only just the design but wearability. Other boxes like LitCube and OwlCrate have found a great happy medium and I encourage the lovely ladies at FanMail to check them out.
The next items were our Star Wars themed paraphernalia. First was a Star Wars themed Storm Trooper lapel pin and chain set ($5?). They are certainly on theme, but I am not sure I would go about wearing these. Perhaps on a black or white sweater, but I doubt I could make that work well. I think there was so much more potential for a Star Wars jewelry piece and this didn't hit the mark for me.
Our next Star Wars item was this Amethyst Soaps Death Star Soap ($5.99). I liked this item. It is a fun play on ornamental soap and also makes for a great hand washing item. I had my toddler "washing with the Death Star" yesterday and it was a real hoot. I forgot to photograph but also included was Wars Among The Stars Coloring Book by Winnie Gong: Coloring Time! created by the box designers. This is already in my kids "on the road" backpack.

The box included two Comic books. Princess Leia True Believers #1 ($1) and  Guardians of the Galaxy #001 Variant Edition 100th Anniversary Special ($3.99). Each book looks good and I look forward to reading them!
Ok it may sound silly, but my favorite item were these tattoos inspired by the Lunar Chronicles. I recently dove into these books by Marissa Meyer. I haven't been inundated with these metallic tattoos so it was nice to get a set, now, I am still struggling to figure out how they relate exactly to Lunar Chronicles.
Fanmail is $21.99 + $6 shipping and ships APO/DPO.
Overall I was disappointed with this month's box. Out of 10 I give it a 5 on quality, a 5 on cost (priced at 33.48), 6 on appropriate for me (dropped for the jewelry and shirt) and 8 on fun.


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