When I decided that Bombfell just wasn't really very good, someone suggested Five Four Club to me. I still have some reservations about this subscription box; namely that you cannot preview or return items and that pants are almost guaranteed not to fit me. I thought the first box was decent and was actually very impressed with the second box.

This month, Five Four Club sent me three shirts of various degrees of formality. The most casual was this three-button three-quarter sleeve t-shirt from. It was soft and comfortable (maybe a little tight), but I haven't worn it yet because we were in the hottest part of the year here. 

The box also included this short sleeve button down that was also very comfortable. Looking at the pictures, the logo above the pocket looks like a stain, but I really liked the shirt.

My favorite shirt in the box, and also the most work-appropriate was the long sleeved, blue and red checked-pattern shirt.  The fit was great, it looked really good on, and could also be part of a more casual dress. I think I actually wore this shirt the day after I opened the box.

Five Four Club is $60 every month ($30 for the first month if you click the link in this post). Overall, out of 10, I give Five Four Club an 9 on quality, 8 on cost (3 shirts for $60 really isn't too bad), 8 on appropriate for me (really liked all three shirts), and 6 on fun.

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