Pet boxes have gone crazy and I have been taken aback by the large number of companies that have popped up. Most recently I came across Pet Treater and one thing that stood out at me is their desire to give back, which I was wowed by at the holiday season.  According to the company, they donate a blanket, toy, or treat to local shelters for each box purchased. So Yay!

We got the box for a large dog as Menlo is 60+ pounds. Customers can  select from small (up to 20 pounds), medium (21-50 pounds), and large (51+ pounds).  The first item in the box was a GIANT plushie, Petlou Plush Badger ($12.99) Menlo has been cuddly with it since it arrived and it doesn't squeak like a regular toy so my 3 year old son keeps saying "Menlo's toy burped." Which I think is ADORABLE

Next was an I (heart) Pet Head Dirty Paws Footbath ($8.99). This was unique as I hadn't gotten one of these in a subscription box before and my mutts are always in the garden. My main concerns is getting my dogs to sit still long enough to use it.  I will have to wait and see
In addition we got an interesting dog walking element. Swiss + Tech Dog Leash Light ($10.13) This is a dog light with 5-LED light that you attach to your dog’s leash.  We used to have an LED light up leash...which one of my mutts destroyed. I like that this item is light weight but still super high quality. Some mixed Amazon reviews complaining that the light either didn't work at all or not long. Worked for us, but haven't used it much

Well a mark of a good treat is this one was a HUGE hit. Meaning I came back with another brand later in the day and both of our dogs were incredibly let down. Full Moon Chicken Bacon Treats ($6.75) are all american made with Human Grade products. Full moon did have less than stellar reviews on Amazon though
This brand and product was also new to me. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care ($12.99).reminds me of a merging of Kongs and Greenies. Could be nifty...Will have to wait and see.
Pet Treater has gone the way of Kid's boxes and adds an element for the Human. I got a ($3.49) Nuop Design Adhesive Branch Magnet Board. Its a nice item to include and may end up on my desk at work, though I see this not being something every dog owner wants. Last was a purina Busy Bone..Check out the unboxing video below to see hwo fast it disappeared.

Pet Treater is $24.99 per month on a month-to-month plan, with better deals for longer subscriptions. Tennessee residents will have to pay 9.5% sales tax. Overall out of 10, I give Pet Treater box an 8 on quality, a 10 on cost (I priced this box out at 60.34), 9 on appropriate for Menlo and a 10 on fun (item for me and see info for a free dog bed below!)

Coupon: If you purchase with coupon code PT-BED you get your first month with a MASSIVELY awesome Dog Bed!
Disclaimer: This box was received for review purpose


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