This box gets me every time. Every month I think: “hmm, I should save money and cancel this subscription”. But every month when I get that pink box from the mail room I have a giddy school girl moment, just like opening a note from a bestie behind the teacher’s back. 

This month I was excited about one product in particular: the dry shampoo by One Love Organics. I really hate washing my hair and, thanks to the internet I can feel justified in that view: it’s bad for your hair to wash it everyday. In Ghana, "bad for your hair" becomes an understatement. I feel like I am washing my hair with straight chlorine most days, but to skip a couple of days I NEED dry shampoo. Unfortunately, I also feel like I am poisoning myself and the environment with my aerosol bottles. Happily, this product actually worked quite well! It absorbed excess oil without clumping oddly like a batch of cookies gone wrong (ahem, do not try to use baking materials as dry shampoo. I learned that one the hard way.). Important note, I have fairly light hair and the powder is almost white… so no promises for you dark-haired gals.
I was also really happy with the lipgloss by Modern Minerals. The scent reminds me of a warm sunny day in a field of wild flowers… yes, it really does remind me of that. It’s also a pretty natural looking hue, which is a win when your most exciting outing is to the local coffee shop (Aside: yay, we have a coffee shop now! 10 points for West African capitalist developments that feed my soul with caffeine!). I have included a no-makeup, no filter picture of just me and the lipgloss so you can get a feel for what the gloss looks like just after the first few sips of life-blood, I mean coffee, hits your lips. 
Item 3 was a body oil by Pelle Beauty. I have no real comments on this one. I don’t love body oil. I am always worried about it not absorbing properly and rubbing off on some dry-clean-only clothes… I HATE paying for dry cleaning and I really hate paying extra for stains to be haphazardly removed. This body oil may not cause that problem, but why risk it ya know?!

Finally, there was a cute little sample of beauty balm. This smelled and felt a little like beeswax. I feel as though in cold Canada this could be my go-to for overnight face cream. I gave it a shot, and although my skin seemed fine the next morning, I still can’t quite wrap my head around a heavy balm in 30 degree weather. This includes 30 degree Harmattan weather (google image Harmattan — you wont be disappointed). 
All in all, I love this box. The samples are always a good size, and there is usually a full-sized product. In Canada you can get your own for $23, but in the USA you can get this snazzy box for only $15. 
P.S. I know it's December already BUT when you live halfway around the world, it can take some extra time to post these boxes through multiple countries.  

Petit Vour is $15 a month for USA and $23 a month for Canada.
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