The holiday seasons are rough on the pups. Countless food they can't eat, papers and bags they can't touch and extra items around the house they can't play with (trees, stockings, FUDGE!). Elko and Menlo did better this year than most but that could be because our house in Ghana is exponentially bigger OR they were surrounded with their own toys thanks to Pup Joys awesome boxes.

This month were were not let down by above awesome quality items and food!
First was a new Kong! Which is great because Elko recently destroyed his that had lasted several years. KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy ($9) has been the gold standard of dog toys for over 36 years. Their super-bouncy, red natural rubber compound is unequaled for dogs who like to chew, and that is ELKO!. Stuffing healthy treats into a KONG keeps dogs happily working and out of trouble for long periods of time. We have tried treats, but local Ghana flavored meats seems to be the house favorites.

Next was the CUTEST TOY EVER! PrideBites Durable Fleece and Foam Squeaky Dog Toy ($11.99) According to the company, this is Larry "Larry loves to play inside and outside. although he's always carrying a bag full of paper mail, Larry doesn't mind getting chased into the pool, because he can float. he may squeak from time to time, but you can drown that out by giving him a bath because he's machine washable." I love Larry and LJ and Menlo have been playing Fetch with him the whole week.

Beef Liver Meat Chew ($7.50)  These were great treats both pups truly enjoyed. Clear Conscience Pet Sliders BeefStikz, .5oz ($2.00) were new to me. The Sliders brand focuses on the moist dog treat category. Sliders are free of all chemical preservatives including glycerins and glycols, which are found in almost every moist treat on the market. Sliders treats are formulated holistically with very high meat content and ultra-low carbohydrates, balanced with Organic Flaxseed and concentrated air dried vegetables. Menlo was a fan, but didn't last very long.
Last was another helping of the 2015 Winner Have Paws Talkin' Turkey Jerky Chips ($10.00). They  are made with no preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors, this gluten-free dog treat is made with 99% turkey sourced  in the USA. According the company they are great for pups with sensitive tummies, turkey is a lean protein that can be a great supplement to your dog’s daily diet. 
High-protein, low-fat snack

PupJoy is $29 a month and ships APO and DPO. Also, a 6-month subscription is only $25/month and a 12-month term subscription is $23/month. All our readers can get 10% off your first purchase by using the link throughout.

Overall I give Pup Joy, as always 10 on quality, 9 on cost (priced at 40.49),9 on appropriate for the pups and 7 on fun!  

Military Discount: In addition to the above,
PupJoy offers a 10% discount for military and diplomatic pups stationed overseas with coupon code OVERSEAS.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes


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