If nothing else, Strength Crate is consistent.  Their products are exactly what they say they would be, they are always high quality, and always something exciting to unbox.  That being said, this month's Strength Crate didn't have that wow factor for me.  Not that it wasn't a really solid box. This month just wasn't items that I see myself using.  

First up was the Beast Mode pre-workout supplement. This supplement is full of B-vitamins, and the bottle contains 45 servings ($48).  With my work schedule, I don't get to the gym very much, so I don't use supplements.  Whitney has been using samples and has enjoyed them.

Next up was the Rejuvenation foot therapy roller ($25).  It seems like, and correct me if I'm wrong, this roller can only be used on your feet.  It's a little redundant after receiving the body wrench last month, but it is firmly made and definitely has a place in the home gym.
I really thought that this running parachute from Power Chute was more than $11.  I hate running (and there isn't really a park here to run with a parachute on).  It's not a bad item for the box, but I will never use it. I tried giving it the Master Sergeant at the Embassy here, and he, like me, just said "Nah, I hate running."  I'm going to offer it to Gunny and the Marine Detachment next.

Finally, Strength Crate included this Hylete inline ultralight beanie ($25) and three caffeine and kilos bars ($18 for a box of 6, so I'll price out at $9). The Hylete beanie is made of high quality, breathable material. It also wicks off moisture. I tried a caffeine and kilos bar before an event and easily felt the caffeine kick.  The chocolate and coffee flavor bar was also really good.  I didn't feel like I was eating someone's experiment (I'm looking at you Larabar).
This month, out of 10, I give StrengthCrate a 9 on quality, 10 on cost (The G.O.A.T. crate costs $75 plus shipping; I found the products online for about $118), 6 on appropriate for us, and 8 on fun. The lower marks this month aren't really a knock on the box. This month's random selections just weren't really items I would use as frequently as those in previous boxes.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: StrengthCrate has won our Gold Award. Take advantage of $10 off S&H for all APO/FPO addresses (first order) and Active Duty Military get 5% off their order (Code PTSTRONG15).

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  1. Sean From StrengthCrateDecember 14, 2015 at 10:13 PM

    You can use the footroller for more than just your feet. You can roll out your feet, calves, back, shoulder.....
    We will
    Out a video for you.

    Great article thank you!!!!


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