We have reviewed several health and fitness boxes but few focused entirely on supplements. Given the amount of time I spend in the gym coupled with my gluten free lifestyle I have become obsessed with supplements. I love finding the right one. Now for the review of this box I am not going to go through and price everything out like I normally do but I do want to share my opinion and  love for the concept. (Unboxing video at the end)

I was a little worried being a smallish girl that this box would not be right for me but I was amazed by all the products that were focused on a variety of supplements. But its hard from abroad trying new things. What I love about Super Gains Pack is their mantra..try before you buy! 
Each Super Gains Pack box will have enough to jumpstart your fitness and get you motivated to continue making gains! We tried out their monthly signature pack with 13-15 supplement samples of various types and flavors. This was PERFECT for us on our trip back to the US. We were able to throw several sample packs into a travel bag versus scooping powder into Ziploc bags or toting full size containers around, definitely a space saver and easier!

Each Super Gains also includes a full size protein/nutrition bar (QWEST BARS ROCK!), full size endurance gel AND nutritional snack. In addition we got a meal prep plan for a week with grocery list, a featured food of the month fact, a new workout idea to try out and an FREE SGP shaker bottle.

To see everything in the box I encourage you to check out the video below! The SUPER GAINS Pack is $28 a month and AWESOME. Overall out of 10 I give the box an 8 on quality (would love a couple more full sized items), 10 on cost, 10 on appropriate for me and 8 on fun...

Military Discount: SUPER GAINS has won our gold award for offering a 15% percent off coupon if your first purchase. Please use Coupon Code DUBINSKY15 to take advantage.  In addition, this discount is also available to the rest out our readers!  Check out Super Gains Pack.


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