I really am supportive of this movement of the prepping monthly subscription boxes. I have mentioned that this is contentious with my husband, who thinks my new hobby is crazy pants, but I am more and more excited to stock up on my end of the world stuff. I know I usually say "zombie apocalypse" but I live in Ghana. It is more likely to be an election that went sour.
Though whether its for those of us serving abroad, military posted, or even just those of you minded like me who want to be prepared, I fully support this movement. Also, I am bringing husband around because these boxes also help us stock up on GREAT camping equipment. Each Survivalist Box comes packed with 4-7 curated survival and preparedness items that may include survival tools, firestarters, storable food items, camping gear, garden supplies, seeds, water purification etc.. The box is meant for   anyone from the apartment dweller to the suburbanite, to us in West Africa.

I was impressed when I opened the box with the range of products for the price. Off the top I loved the card with suggestions and tips for "survival." This box is their "Welcome Box."
The first item in the box Ultimate Survival Razor Saw Orange ($5.66). I have to say we have other UST items and I am consistently impressed with the quality of their product. In fact, we cut A LOT of PVC piping with a different folding saw by UST so I know its a quality product. I like this saw because it is much more compact and has two pieces.

The next item was Cree Q5 3 - Mode 350lm LED Flashlight ($4.72). For a small easy to store flashlight its great. Not my favorite brand or style, but I think its high power for the size and I appreciate LED lights. I think it would have been nice if the box came with batteries for it.
This box also included food for the outdoor enthusiast or survivalist. I laughed pretty hard at the can of Bega Canned Autralian Processed Cheese 1 can of 200g Net ($8.95). I have a lot of freeze dried prepper food in my "emergency box," but I have to admit, no canned cheese. I don't imagine opening this unless the zombies take over though. Also included were Caveman Foods Paleo Nutrition Bar, Maple Nut X2 ($3). These went in the pantry, I love trying new Paleo bars. Sometimes they taste like cardboard but this was good! Perhaps will replace my LaraBar addiction.

Also in this box Coghlan's Flint Striker ($4.99). I am less familiar with this brand, but amazon customer reviews RAVED about this striker. Excited to give it a try. To add to my medical emergency was a Large Silver Emergency Blankets, 87" by 59", MCR Medical Supply ($1.50). I have a coupld of these now and I remain strapped on what to do with them other then store them. If there is other uses I would love comments on other ways to use this blankets. Finally, was a Multi Utility Tool ($10), sadly I wasn't able to find the brand, but it was a solid and sturdy off brand Leatherman style Multi tool.

The Welcome Box for Survivalist box is $45 and so is their monthly subscription. In addition they have a month "Survivalist Box Lite" for $25.  They are offering a $25 stocking stuffer for the holidays. COUPON: $5 off first month subscription with WELCOME5

Overall, out of 10 I give Survivalist Welcome box a 7 on quality (I liked the variety and multiple types of product but would like to see on big ticket item), 6 on cost (priced it out at 38.82), 7 on appropriate for me and 7 on fun! Most of the fun was related to giggling at canned cheese.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes.


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