I have to admit, from spotting this new box online I was super excited to get my first TinselBox. As someone living overseas the holidays are the WORST, you miss family and you miss home, but you also have limited amounts of your stuff and sadly the holiday decorations don't always make the cut. TinselBox offered a great solution for this problem.
TinselBox is a holiday and seasonal box which delivers fun and festive items to your front porch. Each month, you receive international, boutique or handmade items for the next months holiday. TinselBox offers two sizes and I decided to splurge for the larger box and WASNT let down.

Right away I was in love with the box. I was super concerned it would be full of silly plastic items you would find at the dollar store but it CERTAINLY wasn't.
My favorite item in the box was this set of three, Swedish Holiday Gnomes, or Tomte ($12.50). According to their card "a Swedish, mischievous domestic sprite responsible for the protection and welfare of ones farmstead. In Sweden, Christmas use to be ushered in by the Yule Goat and has since been replaced with the Tomte." I added these guys to my existing display and they are BEYOND cute. There is even a blog posting on their site with more information on them!

Also included in the box was an amazingly scented ornament sachet ($12?) that overwhelms with the smell of gingerbread and an incredibly creative set of gift tags. These tags were perfect for someone with a lot of gifts to give and a sense of humor ($4.50)
Sadly, the above picture does not do justice for the next two items. The first was a string of Pom Pom Garland ($22?) with plastic clothes pins to hang pictures. These were great quality and really do match my decor perfectly. I also appreciate the mix of colors on the balls for those non Christian folk who still enjoy decorating. $22 does seem a tad high for this item, however, I would probably price it in the ($12) range. Also, was a set of light up LED Lights Copper Star Warm White - 10ct ($12.99). LED lights are AWESOME overseas because you don't have to worry about plugging into the wrong outlet!

The last item was a creative and seems like hand designed Card (3.50).

As a whole, I loved this box. I was so happy at how non religious it was (I was worried) and I loved that each item had me going  "Oh that's so cute." This box makes a great gift for the FSO or family overseas or for just a great box to make your day. The Box of Spontaneous Joy is $19.99 Per Month plus $3.99 Shipping, the larger Box of Cheerful Curations is $39.99 Per Month plus Shipping. 

For our non overseas readers you can save $10.00 with Coupon Code Tinselbox10. Use coupon code EXPAT for for $5 off the box and $5 off the international shipping upgrade. 

Overall out of 10 I give December's TinselBox a 10 on quality, a 6 on cost (I priced the box out at $57.49), an 8 on appropriate for me and a 10 on fun! This really does make a great gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.


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