I am a Yoga Freak. I discovered I liked it over 3 years ago and have watched a major transformation in my body and workout as I continued to do more and more. Since I moved to Ghana, my dedication is more reliant on the internet and streaming speeds as I am a die hard fan of One of my personal commitments for the year is to turn.
One of my personal commitments for the year is to turn our spare room into a more yoga friends and workout out space. I think Yogi Surprise is going to help make that happen. 

When you open the box right away you are hit with amazing and relaxing scents.

Right off the bat you open the box and the smell it exudes is relation. I believe this is attributable to the Om Lavender Sachet($12). Yogi Surprise partnered with Haiti Projects to produce this lavender sachet pouch. Haiti Projects empowers women of rural Haiti toward self-sufficiency by providing access to jobs at fair trade wages, education, health care, and avenues for building sustainable community. As a USAID employee this was awesome. I love boxes that give back and as an economist I LOVE that its through an economy driving, women empowering endeavor!
The first full size item was Power Yoga The Card Set ($13). The set breaks down each yoga position move by move. The cards have different poses and instructions and allow the user to vary with the level Yogi you are. This is a fun product, but I am trying to picture myself skipping a class to do yoga cards? Nice for the shelf as reference though.

The next item was Aura Cacia Clove Bud Comforting 100% Pure Essential Oil ($7). I made the initial mistake of thinking this was body oil. READ ITEM. This is mroe of a potpurri to be mixed with clover  or combined with spray as an air freshener. For Jews, this smells EXACTLY like Havdallah. Do not apply to skin :P

Real Beauty For A Cause Sweet Orange & Cinnamon Scrub ($16) Hrmm, this product I was less than enthused by. It leaked in the packaging making reading the label nearly impossible and the smells were meh.
I LOVED the "food" elements of this box. First was (as would be expected in a yoga box) Buddha Teas Crown Chakra Tea ($9) Made from organic lavender, nutmeg seed, and rose petal it makes a nice relaxing cup. The Voke Vitalizers Starter Kit ($7) is made up of tabs designed to give you a boost of natural energy for a few hours.  They contain about the same amount of caffeine as a strong cup of tea and aren’t supposed to give you the jitters. Yay a boost!

Yogi Surprise costs $45 a month. Use coupon code  GRATITUDE to save 20% off your subscription.

Overall out of 10 I give my first Yogi Surprise an 8 on quality (loved the giving back element), a 6 on cost (priced at $64 and normally that would get a higher rating, but website advertises a $70 retail value), 7 on appropraite for me and 6 on fun (though ask me again after I try the energy boost tabs).

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